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Sommer Ray poses for a photo

Sommer Ray Clocks 10 Million Views For 'Actual Footage' Of Accident In Floral Shorts

Sommer Ray/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray snagged herself a staggering 10 million+ views in under 15 hours on Wednesday – for showing what really happened. The 23-year-old fitness model and social media sensation took to TikTok to show the less glamorous side of working out with a jump rope – given the agonizing-looking ankle break caught on camera, the Colorado native may well have her legs up and covered in ice right now.

Sommer, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, more than proved why she just keeps on racking up the followers with this video.

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It's Basically Instagram Versus Reality

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini on a floor rug
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Click here for the TikTok – scroll for more photos and videos. Sommer, whose workouts range from hardcore gym stuff to pushing a Lamborghini in a micro dress and heels, had been filmed outdoors and on a sunny path.

To start with, it was all fine. Sommer was jumping rope while showing off her killer booty in cut-off floral-print shorts, also rocking a hot pink t-shirt rolled up. The ex to Machine Gun Kelly was filmed from behind as she worked out, then briefly lost her footing for a nasty end.

10 Million Views And The Comments Are One Giant Joke

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini by a mirror
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer, now on the floor and in visible agony, then switched to close-up and slow-motion footage. Her socked sneakers were zoomed in on – fans saw the model's foot totally twist over and break.

"Actual footage of me breaking my ankle," Sommer wrote. The reel-worthy footage is now through the roof, with Sommer having clocked herself over 10 million views for the candid share.

Fans have been all over it – and they know that people focus on the body. "Fot those of u that can't focus, she broke her ankle in this video," one fan sarcastically wrote. It was the most-liked comment.

'If You Guys Look Closely She's Jump Roping'

Sommer Ray poses in overalls while painting
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Clearly, Sommer's fans were in the mood for laying it on thick. "If you guys look closely, she's jumping rope," a fan wrote.

"Who else wasn't watching the ankle," another added.

Sommer's TikTok following, while on the rise and at 7.3 million, is nowhere near her Instagram following, which this summer topped 25 million. The account which has documented everything from Sommer's failed Sprinkles cupcakes ATM trips to her hanging out with her hot mom, is also the platform for promo as Ray shifts her Sommer Ray's Shop merch. More after the video.

Shares Mind-Blowing Street Workout When She Was 19

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini bottom and crop top look
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer has been looking back at it. Literally. July has seen the model shout out one of her earliest viral videos, with the scantily-clad street workout already showing a 19-year-old Sommer to be insanely built. She started competing in body-building competitions afed 16. The video came captioned:

"Can we take a min to remember one of my first ever viral videos.. 💪🏽 can’t believe it’s been 5 years 🤯 i was 19 yrs old, time flies if you wanna workout with me, hit that link in my bio ✨"

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