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Is ‘RHOBH’ Erika Jayne A Nightmare? According To One TikTok Publicist, Hell Yeah

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By Kay Lewis

Erika Jayne may be the breakout star of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and everyone loves her, but according to publicist and TikTok star Amir Yass she is a total “nightmare”. Yass has become extremely popular on TikTok for spilling the behind the scenes tea on popular celebrities and reality TV stars. He recently shared with his followers how horrible the Beverly Hills housewife was to him while he was working for host Diana Madison’s PR team. Yass had quite an interesting story about Jayne.

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Amir Slammed A Few Celebs

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He recalled to “Showbiz Cheat Sheet” that Jayne was going to appear on Diana Madison’s live show. He was asked to be the PR rep between the women because Madison was running behind schedule. He recounted that Jayne was sitting with a group of people “When I got there Erika was sitting in the corner with her friends. I went over and I was like, ‘On behalf of Diana Madison, my name is Amir. I work for the PR team.’ And she didn’t respond or even look at me.”

Erika Was Chilly

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@theprettymess Instagram

Yikes sounds like he got the cold shoulder form the “Pretty Mess” author. Unfortunately, the horror didn’t end there, Yass befriended her makeup artist and apparently, she didn’t like that. The performer overheard a conversation her makeup artist was having with Yass about singer Meghan Trainor’s makeup and scolded the both of them. “She literally stands up in between us and was like, ‘Don’t talk about your clients with this stranger!’” Yass responded. “I’m like, ‘Well we just met 30 minutes ago.’ She’s like, ‘Doesn’t matter!’ I think she kind of got offended that we were talking about Meghan Trainor’s makeup. I didn’t say anything. But she got really upset.”

Did She Get Him Fired?

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The publicist went on to share that the reality star then got him fired from his job. She apparently shot him dirty looks all day and when it was time for her to go on set, she was dragging her behind to the point where Yass had to be stern with her. “I’m like, ‘Erika you have to go right now.’ She’s like, ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ I’ve been a publicist for years so I’m like this is my job, ‘Get up. You have to get up.’ The producer and the assistants from Fox were yelling and sending me messages because it’s also a five-minute walk to the studio from the green room.”

Is Amir Wrong?

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@theprettymess Instagram

The actress apparently didn’t like how Yass spoke to her and later complained to Madison about his behavior which led to him getting fired a few weeks later. He shared that it is probably not the only reason why he was given the boot, but it may as well have been the nail in the coffin. “I’m not going to say that Erika was the reason I got fired but it had a lot to do with it. Basically, that day my boss was like, ‘I no longer want you to fill in for me.’ Which basically means she no longer trusts me to do the job when she’s not there.” Yea that sounds like the beginning of the end.

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