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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Jess Caroline Slams Colt And Debbie For ‘Weird’ Relationship, Mistreating Her Family

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By Kay Lewis

The drama just never stops when it comes to “90 Day Fiancé” star Colt Johnson and now it seems that his latest conquest is so over him. On the latest season of the popular TLC show, fans got to see Colt and Mother Debbie make the trip to Brazil to meet new girlfriend Jess Caroline’s family and of course experience beautiful Brazil. Unfortunately, fans already knew this trip was going to crash and burn because Debbie wants her son all to herself. Jess is now sharing her thoughts on that awkward family dinner and how awful it was dating ‘Coltee’.

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Jess Unleashed On Cole And Debbie

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@jesscaroline_ IG

“Watching the show yesterday, I see how people were playing nice in front of me but did everything they could to try and sabotage my relationship behind my back,” wrote Jess on Instagram. She went on to slam Debbie and Colt for being rude to her family and embarrassing her after she talked them up to her family. “Thank God my family only made me proud this entire time. They open the door of their house, they made traditional foods and drinks, they gave gifts, they were very nice.” All this and more are true.

Debbie Is A Consistent Problem

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Unfortunately, Jess felt like they were mistreated. She went on to share that Colt and his mom didn’t value family the way she does. “They were still bad-mouthed by people who have no idea what family values and family love are.” Jess didn’t stop there; she continued on to bash her ex-boyfriend for being a mama’s boy. “Mommy was too worried about her son getting another Brazilian “to use” him, or the history repeats itself but she forgot to teach him not to cheat again, manipulate, and not to lie again.” That’s right, Jess is accusing Colt of cheating on her.

Her Rant Is Eye-Opening

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The 26-year-old concluded her rant sharing with fans that Debbie helps her son tear women down. “She was covering his lies and cheating scam this whole time. If I knew the truth, I would never introduce them to my family.” Fans felt Jess’ pain, it isn’t hard to seeing as they have watched it all play out on TV before with Larissa Dos Santos Lima who was also chased away by overbearing Debbie. “Colt will be left lonely and alone when he’s older once his mom is gone. Listening and letting his mother run his love life away,” wrote one fan.

Some Fans Didn't Buy It

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Shockingly enough some fans were on Debbie’s side calling Jess a leech and insinuating that she was only with Colt in hopes of getting a green card. “Jess USA visa was about to expire and found out only Colt could give her green card and be another 90 cast member like other Brazilian girls!! Green card and spotlight!” While this is only speculation, many followers agreed with the comment and even went as far as to say Debbie had all the right in the world to ask whatever she wanted during that awkward dinner. What do you think?

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