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Ryan Reynolds with full beard

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why 'Deadpool 3' Has Been Delayed: 'Happy #Leakaversary'

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Jacob Highley

Ryan Reynolds has recently joked that he was an actor before his star role in “Deadpool”, now he is simply an alter ego of everybody’s “R” rated anti-hero. The 43-year-old “Good Guy” actor took to Instagram to share the reason the third installment in the Marvel mutant movie sensation has been taking so long to film.

The “Green Lantern” star posted a short clip along with a rather chipper caption on Instagram. The post received almost 200 thousand likes and over 1000 comments.

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The Real Reason

Giphy | Deadpool's Fun Sack

Ryan’s post sparked some to comment with questions about what they actually watching, while others realized the true reason he posted the clip… he was trolling everyone!

This would be the first time that Ryan has intentionally poked fun at specific fan groups or taken his followers for a ride, in fact, Ryan continues to be involved in a fictional “feud” with fellow star actor Hugh Jackman!

The two of them take jabs at each other practically every other month or so and it certainly keeps social media entertaining!

'Gonna Be A Tough Day'

Ryan Reynolds with polo
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If you thought that was a joke, you might be surprised to learn that Hugh and Ryan really do enjoy bashing each other on a regular basis… for pretty much everything.

Hugh had this to say as he was celebrating being nominated for an award after his time on HBO’s “Bad Education”.

"I don't think he's going to get out of bed for three days. There could be a lot of bitterness and anger seeping through. Just watch it, you know. It's gonna be a tough day, but good for [Reynolds' wife] Blake [Lively], just to have him in bed for three days will be a real breakthrough."

'Just An Evil Person'

Ryan Reynolds with black tie
Gettyimages | Keith Tsuji

Ryan jocularly told the press in an interview that everyone is totally wrong about Hugh.

“Well, he's just an evil person. I mean, you guys have all been duped!"

Ryan hilariously followed up that statement by revealing how Hugh’s “evil” stemmed from where he was born in Canada:

"You think that he's this benevolent ambassador of your country. People don't realize he's from Winnipeg, Canada. So sorry. Truth hurts sometimes when you see it! It makes your eyes water. Hugh Jackman is a fraud."

Hungry For More

Ryan Reynolds with black jacket
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A previous headline featured Ryan making comical comments about his wife being pregnant, him being absent forever with the number of kids he would have, and other hilarious updates that keep the Reynolds fan base ever hungry for more.

This became even more evident after Reynolds’ follower base jumped dramatically as he became more prolific in posting skits or comedic pieces online. (He now has over 30 million followers on just Instagram alone)

Only time will tell what hilarious update Ryan will post next!

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