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British Critic Says Meghan Markle May End Up Like Johnny Depp

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Meghan Markle, was a full-time actress in the past, who started in several iconic movies and series. She also starred in a few television shows. However, before she could make a beautiful career in acting, she married into the royal family.

Automatically, her acting job had to go and she had to move to England to be with her husband and his family. During this period, a lot of events took place, which finally led the couple back to America, forfeiting their royal status.

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Since Markle became part of the royal family, critics have taunted her endlessly. To make matters worse, the Duchess of Sussex is currently engaged in a high-profile lawsuit against some British newspapers, whom she accused of invading her privacy.

This has also resulted in a critic saying that Markle is threading the path that Johnny Depp did in the last few months, following his ex-wife’s accusations that he was physically abusive during their marriage. In essence, this critic said that there is no difference Markle and Depp.

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In 2019, Markle and Harry announced their decision to slap a couple of tabloids with lawsuit, citing invasion of privacy as the reason.

For example, “The Mail On Sunday” was accused of publishing a letter that the Duchess sent to her father and changing some words to suit their benefits. Likewise, they were also accused of trying to identify five of Markle’s friends who spoke privately with People magazine.

In a statement put out by the Duchess, she said that she is trying to protect her friends who did the same for her.

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A writer known as Maureen Callahan, weighed in on the lawsuit involving Markle and concluded that she would regret her actions. She went on to say that Markle’s lawsuit against tabloids is similar to that of Depp.

Callahan also mentioned that Depp thought he was doing what was best, but that did not end in a pleasant way for him. Furthermore, Callahan mentioned that although Depp’s case only involved a phrase in an article, or later led to the media finding out about several information about he made his marriage.

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“Libel lawsuits in the U.K., as Depp is learning, are far more brutal than those in the US. Depp filed suit over one adjective, ‘wife-beater.’ But instead of a trial narrowly focused on that word, the world had been made privy to the most grisly, humiliating details of his ill-fated marriage to ex-wife Amber Heard.” Callahan wrote in The New York Post.”

Nevertheless, Markle seems like her mind has been made up and there is absolutely no way she is going back on her word for a lawsuit.

What do you think the other members of the royal family, will do when they find out?

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