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Lori Harvey poses for a photo

Future's Girlfriend Lori Harvey Snaps Necks In Second-Skin Bikini

Lori Harvey/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Lori Harvey was told to "politely get your foot off our necks" as her latest Instagram updates shut down Instagram. The 23-year-old model and girlfriend to rapper Future dropped sizzling new swimwear photos to kick off the week. Lori may have been in a high-end Bottega Veneta bikini retailing for $440, but the Pretty Little Thing influencer's appeal very much appeared to be a mass deal.

Lori, believed to be in lock-up with "Life Is Good" rapper Future – and very good at keeping him off the 'Gram – had all eyes on her.

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Instagram Gets 'America's Next Top Model' Vibes

Lori Harvey poses in a bikini on a sunbed
Lori Harvey/Instagram

Scroll for the photos – that interestingly, did see one fan say they thought Jennifer Lopez had gotten a "mean tan for a second." Lori, who regularly comes clad dripping in Chanel and Prada, had stuck with her love of luxury European brands, seen photographed poolside and in a one-shouldered, ribbed, and black Bottega Veneta two-piece described as having a second-skin finish.

Lori, bronzed with heavy makeup and wearing Balenciaga earrings, also tagged Yves Saint Laurent in her post – this girl doesn't do it by half.

'I Understand Why Future Bought You A Patek'

Lori Harvey poses for a selfie in a top
Lori Harvey/Instagram

If Patek isn't in your vocabulary, it's definitely in rapper Future's. The 36-year-old, who flew Lori out to Jamaica by private jet in January, also dropped upwards of $16,000 on a Swiss Patek Philippe watch for his girlfriend. Fans haven't forgotten.

While a popular comment read: "It's giving me next top model," another went for the watch reference, writing: "I understand why Future bought you a Patek."

Loris posts all sit upwards of 200,000 likes. The model's following has shot up this year to 2.1 million.

Keeps Quiet Over Future's Latest Baby Mama

Eliza Reign poses for a selfie in a wig
Eliza Reign/Instagram

Lori has not yet spoken about the bombshell May DNA test unveiling multi-baby daddy Future to have yet another kid. The rapper is now father to Florida woman Eliza Reign's 1-year-old daughter. He's also tied up in an ugly court battle, with his baby mama chasing him for $53,000 a month in child support. She first sued him for paternity, child support, and custody in 2019.

Future, who trashed Eliza in an "ugly" Twitter rant and has offered her $1,000 a month for child support including a gag order, now sees his baby mama refusing the offer. More below.

Calls Media Attention 'Definitely Frustrating'

Lori Harvey poses for a selfie in gym wear
Lori Harvey/Instagram

Lori has received plenty of media attention this year. Not always for the best reasons, though, with January seeing her arrested for a hit-and-run. Speaking on a Pretty Little Thing podcast, Lori called the scrutiny she faces "definitely frustrating."

She added: "I think I’ve developed tough skin through it all. If someone wants to think the worst of you, they’re going to think the worst of you no matter what you say. You can’t defend a lie. I think it’s a lot of things that are false about me in the media because clickbait is very real."

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