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Kate Beckinsale poses for a selfie

Kate Beckinsale Enjoys British Candy & An Explicit Birthday Card

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale might live in L.A., but the British actress wasn't deprived of the U.K.'s best candy over her birthday. Kate, who turned 47 on July 26 and has been fronting media outlets for her high-profile birthday Instagram updates, appears to have gone on a mass deleting spree since her big day. Fortunately, the "Underworld" actress' fans have been logging her activities, with media outlets doing the same.

If you aren't up-to-date, Kate turned 47 in thigh-high boots in her "homosexual pandemic bubble." She's also been spending time with cats Willow and Clive, plus getting her candy.

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Been Down The Candy Road Before

Kate Beckinsale poses in a convenience store with Jonathan Voluck
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

If you don't live inside Kate's Instagram, the actress made British candy headlines in 2019 as she gleefully examined her homeland's kiddie treats while in a nightie. Kate's update on Monday showed her with fluffy cat Clive and with some edibles that you might have seen your kids go nuts over if ever you've been in Britain – Flying Saucers and other sugary packaged treats were on a table near the star, alongside a very adult birthday card.

The card appeared to have a hand-drawn male member on it. Kate didn't seem to mind: "You get the card you deserve."

In Her 'Homosexual Pandemic Bubble'

Kate Beckinsale poses in a charades game at home
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate made headlines on July 27 as her updates went viral. They showed the "Pearl Harbor" bombshell in a tiny bralette and mini skirt with thigh boots. She was joined by hairstylist Aaron Light and stylist Rob Scheppy for a "mower" charades game, with the isolation buddies outlined in a caption.

"If my 7 year old self was told “40 years from now you may spend your birthday doing the same dance you’ve done at every kid’s birthday party in 1980,bringing #blacklace into your homosexual pandemic bubble”, she’d have been like “hold my Tizer, bitches “ 🇬🇧 #superman #80skids #notagadoo," Kate wrote. More after the video.

Recreating 'Dirty Dancing' With Her Cat

Kate Beckinsale poses in bed with her cat
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Likewise a talking point was Kate recreating the iconic lift from 1987 movie "Dirty Dancing" with a kitchen setting and Clive. The video, much like the other birthday posts, has now been wiped from the actress' Instagram.

Fresh in the news, however, is Kate revealing that a fan sent a pet rabbit to her home. The bunny came with flowers and a confused Kate saying she "felt bad" for the rabbit being left outside her door. She appears to have named the pet Marvel.

Says 'I Love You' To 23-Year-Old Boyfriend Goody Grace

Goody Grace poses for a selfie
Goody Grace/Instagram

Kate and 23-year-old boyfriend Goody Grace appear to have taken their whirlwind romance to the next level – the Canadian music face is just a few years older than Kate's 21-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen.

Earlier this week, Kate and Goody exchanged "I love you" messages on Instagram, with Goody also taking the opportunity to wish Kate a happy birthday. The couple went public with their relationship back in April, with the age gap regularly resulting in Kate being trolled. But she claps back. Scroll for how she does it.

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