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Mackenzie McKee Calls ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Star ‘A Mean Bully’

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When it comes to “Teen Mom,” there are a number of things to expect and not expect. These moms have different stories and are from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is inevitable that they will sometimes step on each other’s toes.

Not getting along is not the forte of many casts on this reality show, but others try to get along just fine. One of the stars, known as Mackenzie McKee has been a force to be reckoned with on the show and her fans love her for it.

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Mackenzie McKee looks incredibly gorgeous in this photo, showing her wearing a knitted hire shirt and black pant.
Instagram | Mackenzie McKee

However, being a sweet person most times, does not mean that you cannot engage in public drama. McKee has formed a strong bond with some of the women on the show and they openly support each other.

Unfortunately, Jenelle Evans did not make it to the list of her favorite cast on the show. The duo have been at odds with each other for a long time and now, it seems like things are getting out of hand.

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Mackenzie McKee looks chic in this photo showing her in a white print shirt, denim short and black wedge sandals.
Instagram | Mackenzie McKee

During a recent interview with “The Domenik Nati Show,” McKee was asked how she truly felt about Evans and if they would ever get along. Also, the interviewer mentioned that Evans had previously called her fake and asked if she concurred.

“No I don’t. Jenelle has also called me thirsty.” She replied.

In a more vivid explanation, McKee spoke about how she became acquainted with Evans and how the feud ensued.

According to her, the first time she met Evans, was when she was working with “Teen Mom 3.”

An amazing photo of Jenelle Evans dressed in a gold-brown dress and sandals heels at night.
Gettyimages | Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin

She went on to say that as soon as they met each other, they decided to take a picture together, which was great. Unfortunately, McKee found out that Evans had blocked her on social media along with the other people working on “Teen Mom 3.”

McKee said she had nothing to do with the feud between Evans and the other cast, so she had no idea why she would decide to block her and not say anything to her afterwards

‘Teen Moms star, Mackenzie McKee bonding happily with her daughter at the beach.
Instagram | Mackenzie McKee

Moving on, the interviewer asked McKee who her least favorite cast in the show is presently.

“Farrah. Definitely Farrah.” She said.

According to McKee, Farrah is a very mean person and a bully.

“I get asked to be on the show. I say yes. I get asked to share my story and my mom gets to share her story, which is she the most beautiful part of it all because she wanted to. She genuinely wanted to share love and spread love. And the next thing you know, Farrah is in interviews, saying I want to be her.” McKee said.

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