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Jacob Elordi wearing a black suit while at an event.

Jacob Elordi Responds To Claims He Was ‘Miserable’ On-Set Of ‘Kissing Booth 2’

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By Jordan White

For months now, fans have been questioning whether Jacob Elordi, 23, was unhappy while filming the “Kissing Booth 2.”

It all started in October when a teaser video was released where Elordi (who plays Noah Flynn in the movie) looked “miserable.”

And now, three days after the movie was released on Netflix, the 23-year-old is setting the record straight on his time on set. Contrary to popular belief, Elordi actually enjoyed himself.

“No, no. I have a resting miserable face!” the actor told Access.

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Jacob Elordi Claims He Wasn't 'Miserable'

Jacob Elordi taking a mirror selfie in all black suit.
Jacob Elordi/Instagram

He continued, “You know what it is? It’s because I’m usually thinking a lot, like, an insane amount about something ridiculous. I think also, [my character] Noah is a moody dude, you know? He’s a moody guy. He’s not running around [super happy]. I wasn’t miserable, I was tired but not miserable. I had a blast.”

Elordi went on to explain how he started filming the sequel, shortly after he wrapped the HBO show “Euphoria,” where he plays Nate Jacobs alongside his rumored girlfriend, Zendaya.

He'd Also Just Finished Filming 'Euphoria'

Zendaya taking a selfie wearing a white blouse.

“It was cool. I came straight from — literally, I finished Euphoria and then got on a plane and flew to Africa [to film The Kissing Booth 2]. So that was a dramatic shift mentally. But there was a nice calm in going back to [The Kissing Booth] and being able to settle into something I knew how to do and knew what to expect and had friends around, you know?” Elordi explained.

He added, “I was so exhausted the entire shoot because I had just come off of eight months of filming then flew however many hours to Africa — I never really woke up. I just got through it.”

However, He's Tired Of Playing A High Schooler

Jacob Elordi taking a selfie of his reflection.
Jacob Elordi/Instagram

And while he claims to have enjoyed his time on set, Elordi recently revealed he’s tired of playing the stereotypical high school jock and doesn’t want to be cast as a teenager anymore.

“Nothing against that but I’ve sort of done it and it would be really hard for me to find joy in that,” he told GQ Australia in July. “I’m also getting older now, and I’m starting to look older, so to keep going back to high school is kind of taxing.”

'Kissing Booth 3' Will Be Released Next Year

Joey King taking a selfie while rocking a bob haircut.
Joey King/Instagram

That said, it was recently announced “Kissing Booth 3” will be released in 2021. The film was secretly filmed at the same time as the sequel. And Elordi will be in that movie as well.

Elordi and his “Kissing Booth” co-star, Joey King, started dating while filming the first film. They broke up about a year later.

The actors have kept mostly quiet about their split, but during a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, they opened up.

“In this world, everyone wants to know your business and what you’re doing. And I think it’s very interesting when you go through things and people kind of feel like they’re owed an explanation, but I understand,” King said.

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