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An amazing photo showing Mackenzie McKee sitting on a platform, sporting a blue sports bra and black short, with white sneakers to match.

‘Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Reminisces On How She Was Set Up To Make An Adult Film

Instagram | Mackenzie
By Favour

Mackenzie McKee went through a great deal back in 2015, when a rumor about her swirled on social media. A lot of people were convinced after seeing some pictures of her in front of Vivid Entertainment.

At this time, the rumor had become the truth that no one wanted to investigate and the actress let it ride out. However, five years down the line, she is coming clean about why she faced and how she got into that situation in the first place.

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A photo showing Mackenzie McKee dressed in a T-shirt and denim short, mimicking a roar.
Instagram | Mackenzie

According to the “Teen Mom” star, her naivety got the best of her and she was played. Read on to find out what new details McKee released recently to show that everyone thought the worst of her when they shouldn’t have.

Speaking to “The Dominick Nati Show” about her experience, McKee explained vividly what really happened and how it happened.

“There was a rumor on the internet that I had a sex tape and I completely 100% got set up with that.” She said.

A lovely photo showing Mackenzie McKee in a white T-shirt that has been tied into a knot in front.
Instagram | Mackenzie

In addition, McKee said she was told that her religious beliefs as a Christian, would make her look good.

Five years ago when the internet was brewing with the rumors of Mackenzie engaging in pornography, she mentioned to “The Ashley” that the video was on her phone, but someone stole it and made a copy of it. Vivid Entertainment then offered to put heavily for the video, but was turned down by her.

Mackenzie also spoke about the kind of advice she received that period.

A beautiful photo of Mackenzie McKee showing off her toned body and abs while working out at the gym.
Instagram | Mackenzie

According to her, several of her colleagues told her that the video could be a stepping stone for her career and popularity.

“The producer I was working with told me; ‘people know you as a Christian and now you’re gonna make millions and you’re going to be a famous spokesperson and motivational speakers for girls to not ever send boys, their boyfriends, Jude photos or anything.’”

This was quite tempting for the reality star because all she always wanted, was to be a famous motivational speaker and help others in need of advice.

A lovely photo of Mackenzie McKee spending quality time at the beach with her daughter, and they look gorgeous.
Instagram | Mackenzie

Also in 2015, an unconfirmed report alleged that when the rumors about Mackenzie got to her husband, Josh McKee, he was so upset. The report also alleged that he decided to leave.

Speaking about that experience presently, Mackenzie told Nati, that she understood why her husband reacted in that way.

“When that came out, I think he literally just wanted to crawl into a dark hole and disappear forever. He was so embarrassed. That was his wife and that was out there.” She said.

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