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Duane Chapman

First Trailer For Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Movie 'Hunter's Creed' Released

By Clark Sparky

A fictional film starring Duane Chapman now has its first trailer. "Hunter's Creed" was picked up by North American studio Cinedigm, and Deadline as the first look at the faith-based thriller. The movie is about a man who reunites with old friends from church following the death of his wife to go into the woods and make a hunting show that they had always dreamed of creating.

But before too long, they sense a "dark presence" among them and must come face-to-face with death.

Watch the trailer here.

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Giphy | SYFY

In addition to the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star, the film also features Wesley Truman Daniel, Mickey O’Sullivan, Ann Sonneville, John Victor Allen, James Errico, and LaDios Muhammad.

“It’s a film about seeking truth and finding yourself, and if you know anything about Dog’s personal story, you know he embodies exactly that,” director Justin Jackola said.

“It’s not your everyday faith film. While there are parts of the film that evoke emotion and are relatable with loss, the scenes in the woods are a fresh take on a group of hunting buddies having fun mixed with some unexplainable elements that keep you on the edge of your seat.”


This is the second big entertainment announcement involving Chapman in the past week -- he revealed last week that he has a new spinoff show in the works called "Dog's Dirty Dozen," which follows him and his 12 kids as they go on bounty hunting operations.

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin

"The last network was 'Dog's Most Wanted' with WGN. We broke all records. I'm not just saying, 'Dog! Dog!' Not me, the family," Chapman said on the "Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer" podcast. "It was about Beth and her final days. Now, we have the show. We're all back together. Because when a tragedy like that happens in your family, you gotta pull together. So, it's called 'Dog's Dirty Dozen'."

The show will also include more family that just the 12 kids. Chapman said. that "two grandkids in their 20s who are in bounty hunting" are also on the show.

Filming is currently halted amid the coronavirus pandemic, but Chapman said they're coming back soon.

Wikimedia |,_2010.jpg

"Most Wanted" came to an end last September after WGN announced that it was pivoting to a three-hour primetime news show so no longer had a slot for the show.

The one season of that show documented the death of Beth Chapman, and Dog didn't wanna end his run of TV shows on such a sad note.

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