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Juliaenn Hough and Brooks Laich kissing

Julianne Hough Comments On Brooks Laich's Naked 'Thirst Trappin' Inc.' Instagram Post!

Gettyimages | Justin Edmonds
By Jacob Highley

Julianne Hough and her estranged marriage partner Brooks Laich are the talk of the town right now! The 32-year-old 2016 “Grease” actress won “Female Rising Star of 2011” and has won “Dancing With The Stars” twice. She was so good that she returned to become a judge!

Her career as an actress, fitness enthusiast, model, dance show judge, and social media influencer quickly gave her international fame. She now has 5 million followers and she is constantly in the tabloids.

Although not always centered around her romantic relationships, the controversy surrounding her split from husband Brooks Laich is an ever-popular headline.

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It's Working?

Giphy | Grease Live

Her husband (not divorced, just separated currently) and former professional hockey sports player has dropped hint after hint that he is secretly trying to win Julianne back. And it appears to be working!

Not only did Laich express how he regrets putting his sex drive on the backburner on his podcast “How Men Think” but he attended Julianne’s recent birthday party and even posted another thirst trap photo on Instagram to which Hough commented!

Her response has news outlets and readers absolutely convinced that a reunion is highly likely for them.

Stepping Up The Thirst Trap... Inc.

Brooks Laich with swimtrunks
Instagram @brookslaich

One of Brooks’ last thirst traps was posted months ago and showed the studly woodsman shirtless wearing tight khakis, a Viking mohawk, and holding a construction tool. Julianne posted a comment on that one too, but they announced a separation none the less.

This time around, Brooks stepped up his thirst trap game by wearing absolutely nothing but a green apron and shades as he stood flipping a pancake in a lake.

It may prove interesting to note that several women in the comments actually got jealous when Julianne commented on the post where people urged them to stay together or for her to cut him loose.

'That Booty Though'

Julianne Hough with yellow cap
Instagram @juleshough

Julianne’s comment was priceless, and shows that she found the post quite provocative.

“That booty though 🤣 “

As mentioned before, the two of them are rumored to have gotten quite intimate during Julianne’s birthday celebration and are rumored to be working out where they stand with each other.

Some question whether Brooks should remain with Julianne since it was revealed that she changed her sexual preferences to “not straight” and actually told him that she chose to stay with him anyway.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich on red carpet
Gettyimages | Rachel Luna

Recent reports have surfaced explaining that Julianne has become very lonely without Brooks, and with so much coming out indicating that they still have feelings for each other, as mentioned before, many believe a reunion is not far off at this point.

That being said, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the two of them have very different preferences when it comes to lifestyle choices. Brooks likes the outdoors tremendously and posts pictures of himself with his burly friends frequently.

Julianne is a city girl at heart all the way. Maybe they should live together down where Julianne stays a month and then a month where Brooks stays in Idaho?

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