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Lena Dunham CRUSHES Instagram In A String Bikini, Keeping It 'Real'

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By Rima Pundir

Lena Dunham slew Instagram in a string bikini with a message for her fans, bored of it all, and waiting for "better days'"

The 34-year-old 'Girls' star is all curves as she lets it hang loose and keeps it very real even though she has created far too many controversies for fans to keep track of.

The one good thing about Dunham, other than that awkward kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio, is that she's happy to apologize whenever she has been deemed hurtful.

But for this bikini pic, no apologies needed...

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Controversies & Curves Aplenty

Lena Dunham loves chilling by her pool
Lena Dunham / Instagram

Of course, this is not the first time Lena Dunham has chosen to strip to her basics and stun the world, or at least, the social media world.

That kiss with Caprio shocked, while her comments about NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. who chose to scroll his phone rather than interact with her at the 2016 Met Gala were met with cries of 'white privilege'.

Thankfully, her Instagram pics have far more body positivity about them, giving curvier women a voice and a look-see as many fans have often said.

'Better Days' Equal Bikini Days

Lena Dunham loves chilling by her pool in bikinis
Lena Dunham / Instagram

Dressed in Inamorata, Emily Ratajkowski's cool line of lingerie and swimwear, Dunham wrote, "A shot of one of my better days! Sometimes you have to just have to say f*** it, put on your string bikini, and imagine that you’re a golddigger who created your own happy ending and is now giving all the cash you scored to the resistance behind your conservative husband's back. Love you..."

Only, Dunham does not have a husband, for now, conservative (political or not) or otherwise...

Fans Loved All The 'Real'

Lena Dunham keeps it real for fans
Lena Dunham / Instagram

Fans went gaga over her pic, writing comments like, "I love you ! You are real and that is something I don’t see often. Thanks for being you."

Another positive comment read, "I see some muscle under there. In fact, a lot of it! You are a beast."

The positivity flowed through the comments, with another fan writing, "You are my heroine💚💜💛 I've been having a really hard couple of weeks too. I really wish I could go swimming...anyways, seeing this made me smile, thank you."

Sassy & Unapologetic (Mostly)

Lena Dunham chills in lingerie at home
Lena Dunham / Instagram

Lena posted her bikini pic on Friday, reason enough for a fan to write, "This is the Friday content we all need!"

Of course, another Instagram user was a little more real as he wrote in, "We are just the same. 😎 COVID got us all f. No pool though. Go!"

Not one to shy away for her curves, Dunham has often posted real pics for her fans to see and relate to, and this is one big reason for her social media popularity.

Meanwhile, this is Lena Dunham, painted in the nude.

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