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Iggy Azalea is pure fire on social media

Iggy Azalea Slays Instagram In A Bright Orange Bikini Showing Off Her 'Baby Waist'

Iggy Azalea / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Iggy Azalea is proving to be quite the hottie on Instagram nowadays, posting pics of her body in bikinis that show off all her curves to perfection.

In a fresh post just a day ago, the singer-songwriter donned an orange bikini which she paired with orange hair replete with bangs, and the Internet was smitten.

While not much has been shared or said, Iggy Azalea is also a mother and gave out the news in June 2020, claiming her son 'was not a secret' but refusing to share anything but hot pics of herself post that.

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Quite A Reveal...

Iggy Azalea stuns in a red bikini
Iggy Azalea / Instagram

Iggy Azalea sure knows how to slay, and the world can hardly believe she just had a baby.

She also seems to have partnered with luxury fashion brand Fashion Nova and most of her pics have the clothing tagged to a pat. But that does not mean fans cannot appreciate some beauty when they see it.

Like this shot of Iggy in a red bikini with plenty of underboobs that generated more than 900,000 likes alone.

One fan wrote, "very Cannes, Nice French Riviera why not".

From Red Hot To Orange Fire

Iggy Azalea stuns in an orange bikini
Iggy Azalea / Instagram

Forget the red one-piece. In an orange two-piece bikini that Iggy posted just a day back, she set Instagram on fire.

Of course, Iggy knew it as she captioned it, "baby weight 🤭 Baby? Wait - this a baby waist."

One fan wrote, "this hair looks so good on you 🥵" which completely bypassed the fact that she carried a bikini like it was skin!

Another wrote, "Her waist do be SNATCHED".

While Iggy told the world she had had a son in June, her body boinged back to shape so quickly, it makes fans' heads spin.

Who Says Monochrome Is Boring?

Iggy Azalea stuns in a monochrome checked bikini
Iggy Azalea / Instagram

And then there's this pic of her in a checked bikini with very '60s-style sunglasses, looking so hot that one fan commented, "sipping on a secret 😋".

Another wrote, "Who allowed you to look like that Iggy?"

Of course, there's always a troll around Instagram to ask, "how did u edit this?"

With blonde locks and a naughty expression, Iggy really looked hot, sipping on what many fans deduced to be a mimosa.

Another Instagram follower wrote, "okay that fit is fire" while another's comment read, "You’re out of this worldddd sisss".

Cream Can Be Pretty Fiery On Iggy

Iggy Azalea stuns in a braless blouse
Iggy Azalea / Instagram

In yet another skirt and blouse ensemble, Iggy's caption read, "Just a lil two piece situation".

One fan wrote, "HOW are u so gorgeous?? omg."

With Iggy skipping the bra in favor of fire-generating curves, one fan's comment read, "She really is the baddest".

Others were merely missing her music, wondering when she was going to let the world have something new to hear, though she's letting her fans see plenty.

With pics like these, it's common for her fans to comment, "YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING."

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