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Bow Wow said he initially planned to go against Fabolous in a Verzuz battle.

Bow Wow Debates With Fans On Twitter About Potential Verzuz Matchup; Initially Wanted To Go Against Fabolous

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Verzuz has been one of the most entertaining outlets in music since April as Timbaland and Swizz Beatz created it. Verzuz gives some of the best hip-hop and R&B artists to showcase some of their greatest hits of all-time. We've seen some very exciting ones such as Lil Jon vs T-Pain, Ludacris vs Nelly, Teddy Riley vs Babyface, DMX vs Snoop Dogg and more. All of the latest battles are able to be seen on Verzuz's Instagram feed along with a live audio stream on Apple Music.

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Fabolous is one artist that Bow Wow had his eyes on for a Verzuz matchup.
Fabolous- Instagram

The previous two matchups have been Snoop Dogg vs DMX and Fabolous vs Jadakiss, both of which were very satisfying for hip-hop fans. Bow Wow recently discussed on Twitter the idea of doing a Verzuz battle as he had Fabolous in mind. He said that this won't happen now though due to the fact that Fab already participated.

“I wanted Fab, but he did it already,” said Bow wow. “[That’s] why I’m saying there's no one to battle. I'm not being cocky at all I don’t want that taken out of context.”

At the moment, Bow Wow doesn't feel that a Verzuz battle for him would make sense.
Bow Wow- Instagram

Bow Wow did say though that he has more work to do and a Verzuz battle would't make sense at the moment. Bow Wow simply believes that there's no one for him to match up with. Even if money was involved, he said he still wouldn't do it.

"I come from an era where.. if you a legend .. you a legend. No need to remind folks. Im only 33 i got more work to do. A verzuz for me right now makes no sense."

Bow Wow did entertain 2 on 2 matchups with Omarion on his team though as well as a one on one vs Ja Rule.
Bow Wow- Instagram

Fans then throwing out names of who Bow Wow could get and he shut down the idea of Omarion and Chingy. He was all for a hip-hop/R&B two on two matchup though where Omarion would be on his team. He started to reply to more fans as he believes that a battle with Ja Rule could make sense as well. Fans continued to ponder on who would be the best fit to go against Bow Wow. Many thought about Soulja Boy but he didn't like that matchup either.

Bow Wow- Instagram

"How soulja makes fun turnt music. I make r&b hip hop music for the ladies. How is that a good match up? You gone crank that one minute then the next cry over an ex. Thats an emotional roller coaster."

Bow Wow and Soulja have one hit record together though and that was "Marco Polo" back in 2008. When someone dissed Ja, Bow Wow came to his defense by saying "Yall so disrespectful. JA has hits man. You might wanna do yo research. And its plenty of OLD mfers doing these battles."

In the end, people just want to see Bow Wow on this platform. Who do you think is the right Verzuz battle for him?

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