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Chrissy Teigen Gets Cheeky While Showing Off Where Trolls Can Put Their Opinions

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chrissy Teigen let her millions of fans know where they could stick their opinions... in a very nice way!

The hot mama got cheeky on Instagram on Sunday. She shared a funny pic of her picking out a wedgie while wearing a chic, one-piece suit in an amazing looking outdoor shower. As the water cascaded from above, Teigen moved her swimsuit bottoms to make sure everything got totally clean. Of course, the picture provided the perfect opportunity for a funny caption.

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Caption Contest


"I have two caption ideas. 'me putting your opinions in my butt' and 'wedgie'. I will decide in one hour," she jokingly wrote on social media.

Chrissy's millions of fans found her indecisiveness hilarious and weighed in on what they thought the winning caption should be.

"I vote Opinions in butt ..." one funny fan commented while another said, "Please the first option 😂😂."

"Let’s go with the putting peoples opinions up your butt 😅," a third fan said.

Very few followers voted for the "wedgie" option but it's worth mentioning that it wasn't completely one-sided.

Should She Get More Piercings?


Teigen continued to poll her extremely large following about Sunday night decisions and asked if she should add to her collection of piercings.

"Am I too old for a little diamond on my nose? You don’t have to tell me I’m not old! I know I’m not olllllld but you know what I’m saying. Please be honest lol,” she wrote on Twitter.

Many followers tried to tell her that tattoos and body piercings have no age limit but there were others who insisted that she not get anymore.

"I know it’s an old saying but, you’re somebody’s Mama now. Time for that is done,” one anti-nose piercing fan wrote.

However, Kerry Washington gave her opinion. "I got to wear a fake one everyday while shooting @LittleFiresHulu and it was soooooooo hard to say goodbye. I LOVED it,” Kerry replied.

Ultimately, Teigen decided against the nose piercing.

John Gets Cheeky


Speaking of getting cheeky, Chrissy couldn't help herself last week when she posted a video of her hubby, John Legend in the shower. She thankfully covered up his dad butt! We know what your thinking... their bathroom is awesome!

Just another reason why Chrissy is the social media queen, she has no shame and either does John!

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