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Kanye West

Kanye West Paid Out A Bunch Of Money To Get His Name On The Ballot In Illinois

Gettyimages | Brad Barket
By Clarissa Wilson

Kanye West announced he is running for President of the United States on July 4. He tweeted the fact that he was running for president against Donald Trump, who he admitted he loves as the president. However, he insists on running and even had his first campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina on July 19.

According to reports, he paid out a hefty sum of money just to get his name on the ballot in Illinois. Celebrity Insider reports that he was willing to do whatever it took and that meant paying out a lot of money.

Kanye West

However, he needed to get 2,500 signatures in his home state. His campaign manager hired a new organization called, Let the Voters Decide to collect the signatures. The deadline for the 2,500 signatures for his home state was 5 pm on Monday and the organization took to the streets right away, getting the signatures within less than 24 hours.

Reports state that West paid $10 - $12 per signature, and the organization was able to get 3,178 signatures within the 24-hours.

Kanye West, his father, and two of his children

Sources say the amount of $10 to $12 per signature West paid in order to get the signatures is ten times the normal amount that politicians pay to get them. The normal amount is $1 to $3 per signature, but West was willing to do whatever he had to do to get his name added to the ballot. This is according to Ricky Hendon, who is a former State Senator in Illinois.

Hendon is now a campaign advisor and manager. He was contacted by West's team to work with them to get the signatures, but he said he didn't want to work with him. Hendon never said why he didn't want to work with them, though.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their four children

No one currently knows whether West's efforts to get the signatures in his home state or Illinois mattered since he didn't make the deadline for the signatures he needed in South Carolina. He also announced his presidency too late to get his names on the ballots of other states.

West paid out $30,000 just to get his name on the voting ballot in Illinois.

West held his first presidential campaign rally in South Carolina and had a deadline of noon the day after to get the signatures he needed. However, he missed the deadline.

Kanye West

During West's campaign rally in South Carolina, he had a manic attack from where he suffers from Bipolar Disorder, and ended up ranting about private matters about his family in front of his supporters. During the manic attack, West admitted he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, thought about having an abortion when she found out she was pregnant for their now seven-year-old daughter, North West. He said Kim had the pills in her hand and was ready to take them to terminate the pregnancy. However, West said God spoke to him and this is what made him stop Kim from taking them.

West also admitted he almost wasn't born. Apparently, when his mom found out she was pregnant for him, his dad wanted to abort him because he was "too busy" to raise a child at the time.

Kanye West

2018,Kim Kardashian was really mad when she found out about her husband admitting that they almost aborted North. She said she knows North will see the video of the rally when she gets older and will see that part and it will upset her.

After Kanye's manic attack at the campaign rally, he went back to his and Kim's ranch in Wyoming and tweeted a bunch of rants about Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner, trying to lock him up. He also accused Kris of being a white supremacist. He then tweeted that he tried to get a divorce from Kim back in 2018 because he thought she was cheating on him with fellow rapper Meek Mill. This was after she attended a criminal justice summit in 2018 and Meek Mill was also in attendance.

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