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A lovely photo showing Scott Disick and one of his kids in a boat, pointing at the sky.

‘KUWTK’: Scott Disick Shares Memories Of Late Parents With His Son

Instagram | Letthelordbewithyou
By Favour

“Keeping Up With The Kardashian” has been fun over the years as fans got to witness first hand, the drama and chaos that can happen in a family that love one another. Notwithstanding, fans have also watched emotional and soul-lifting episodes of this reality show that gave them new perspectives in life.

From this show, viewers have watched the adults get older and mature, making life-changing decisions that affected their lives and the family in general. More importantly, viewers have also watched the children get nurtured into beautiful people.

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Scott Disick looks amazing in this grass-filled garden, where he is seen sporting a two-piece suit and holding a tiny dog in his left arm.
Instagram | Letthelordbewithyou

Another amazing moment that fans got to witness recently in “KUWTK” was brought to them by Scott Disick. The entrepreneur, who also happens to be Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, talked about his parents before they died, while he bonded with his son, Reign.

The show captured a bonus clip of Disick looking through photo albums of his family with his son and Kim Kardashian. Furthermore, the clip showed Kim urging Disick to speak out about his emotions that involves his family , so he can feel better.

A lovely photo of Scott Disick bonding with his son during a vacation.
Instagram | Letthelordbewithyou

Disick, who lost both his parents a few years ago, has always found it really difficult to open up about his true feelings. Luckily for everyone who watched the recent episode of the show, the 37-year-old took everyone down memory lane.

Disick revealed that he never thought he would be able to open up to anyone about his parents and how he truly feels about their passing. His mother, Bonnie died at the age of 63, three months after his father passed and it was the saddest time of his life.

An amazing photo of Scott Disick sitting on a patio, a few yards away from the blue ocean behind him and he looks amazing.
Instagram | Letthelordbewithyou

According to Disick, in order to live past the hurt that he has felt for years, he now believes that talking about his parents is the first step towards healing. Also, he believes that the more he opens up about them, the more connected his kids will have with them.

“That’s the only way they’re gonna ever feel that connection.” Said Disick.

Again in the short clip, Kim explained to her nephew, Reign, that his grandmother was an amazing woman who would no doubt have loved him very much.

A photo showing Scott Disick standing at the edge of the ocean, while gazing at the sky through a pair of sunglass.
Instagram | Letthelordbewithyou

Scott Disick has been through a lot the past couple of years and somehow, he has always found his way back. He has been in and out of rehab, following drug and alcohol abuse, but seems to be getting better now.

Although he is no longer in a relationship with the mother of his three children, Disick is a very attentive father, who tries to be there for his kids whenever he can.

Losing his parents was quite difficult for him, but he is getting past his fears now and fans are proud of him.

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