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A throwback photo showing a Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj at a game, having a swell time.

A Timeline Of Meek Mill’s Relationship With Milano And Why They Split

Gettyimages | Mitchell Leff
By Favour

Meek Mill has been in the media lately for a number of things that he may or may not have done. Either way, social media is thriving on his name and the recent news they gathered about him.

A few days ago, the rapper was accused of having an affair with entrepreneur and television personality, Kim Kardashian. This news went viral as soon as it came out and it did not stop there. There was also a reaction from him about Nicki Minaj’s baby bump.

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A photo of Meek Mill sporting a shirt, ont and pair of white and red trainers outside.
Instagram | Meek Mill

Some fans have been saying that Mill is too obsessed with Minaj and cannot stand the fact that she is with someone else. Let alone the fact that she is having a baby with someone else other than him.

After he was released from prison, where he spent 6 months for violating probation, Mill began a romantic relationship with Minaj. The duo looked and felt so good together and they recorded songs together. Unfortunately, after two years, they decided to call it quits.

Milan Harris looks explicitly gorgeous in this photo as she has on a suit and is sitting in a bike.!
Instagram | Iammilanrouge

In early 2020, Mill and the rapper met each other at Maxfield and engaged in a battle of words. After a while, the security at the store escorted Mill out.

The words exchange made its way to Twitter and both parties accused each other of abuse during their two-year relationship. At this point, fans were convinced that Mill was finding it difficult to let go of Minaj.

Although no one knew how his Minaj-obsession affected his relationship with Milan Harris till now.

A photo of Nicki Minaj sporting a mini dress, with matching color of hair and heels.
Instagram | Nicki Minaj

Mill took to his Twitter page in the late hours of July 26, 2020, to announce to the world that he and Milan had decided to call off their relationship. Nevertheless, they loved each other enough to remain good and loving parents to their kid.

Since her involvement with Mill, Milano, a businesswoman has always made it clear that she is never up for online beef and drama. However, fans do not think that is the only reason her relationship with Mill went down the drain.

A photo of Meek Mill, who has in a white sweater with huge gold chains around his neck and wrist and a black face-cap at the studio.
Instagram | Meek Mill

Immediately the announcement went out, thousands of fans weighed in on it. Some of them thought it was for the best and accused Mill of not letting Minaj go after all these months.

Recently, Mill was caught dropping several emojis on a post that was aimed at shading Minaj, right after she announced her growing baby bump with husband, Kenneth Petty.

Fans called him out for not moving on from their supposed beef and trying to put her down for no reason.

Do you think Mill’s obsession with Minaj affected his relationship with Milan? Let us know in the comment section below.

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