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Brandi Glanville photographed candidly

'RHOBH': Brandi Glanville Furthers Denise Richards Hookup Claims In New Interview

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By Chris Barilla

Brandi Glanville shocked 'Real Housewives' and reality television fans as a whole when she revealed the wild claim that her and costar Denise Richards had previously hooked up back in 2019. Glanville made the shocking claim on the last episode of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' saying her and Richards shared a kiss right before the group was headed on their annual cast vacation. Now, the star is doubling down on her claims and explaining them in more detail for a new interview in 'US Weekly'.

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Denise Richards poses for a selfie
Denise Richards / Instagram

Given the media fallout that has occurred since she made the claim, Glanville is looking to now clear the air surrounding the rumors and give fans and other onlookers more context towards what actually went down between the reality stars.

"I was still on the fence about telling the other women. And then it came up at Kyle’s when Kim brought it up,” Glanville told the publication about her chance enounter with Richards and how she wanted to go about handling it.


“And then I didn’t really have a choice but to share. We were legitimately going to my birthday dinner. The producers didn’t even know. Kim was the only person that knew. Kim didn’t tell Kyle," she continued to explain to the publication, citing the efforts she took at the time to keep the hookup under wraps and avoid any unnecessary​ tension.

However, Glanville claims that Richards completely distanced herself after the encounter, only coming back around and speaking to her once she became an actual set cast member.

Denise Richards poses for a selfie
Denise Richards / Instagram

"I was annoyed. And then Denise started talking s*** about all the other women like we were best friends," Glanville explained of the ordeal.

The reality star said that despite the subsequent drama that ensued because of the information reveal she is happy to tell her truth and give some type of context behind the claim that many questioned given her actions on the show going behind Richards back to tell others before confronting the actual involved party and mediating the issue.


"Ultimately it was a big relief and this was weighing me down and stressing me out," Glanville mentioned to the publication about the proverbial weight she feels being lifted off of her shoulders by not hiding the alleged hookup any longer. "I want it to be done, yes. I would love to have an honest conversation with her and then we can both put this behind us," Glanville went on to explain, showing that she is open to having a dialogue with Richards if she would further address the accusations.

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