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A lovely photo showing Taylor Swift and John Mayer performing a song on stage.

Taylor Swift’s Iconic Songs That Were Tributes To A Lover

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Favour

Taylor Swift has had her fair share of romance in and out of the industry for many years now. However, like they say; people only write songs about people that affected them in either positive or negative ways.

Swift’s love life has been aired in her lyrics and music videos many times and it may be shocking for a lot of fans when they find out that she wrote a few songs for someone she dated for only a few months.

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An amazing photo showing Taylor Swift sucking up the sun in a multicolored shirt and pair of white shades.
Instagram | Taylor Swift

After dating stars like Taylor Lauter, Joe Jonas and Lucas Till, Swift met John Mayer, a profound musician like herself. At this point, it is safe to say that they had one thing in common, so the attraction would definitely have been smooth on both sides.

They first got acquainted when Mayer reached out to her on Twitter; asking that they make a song together. Swift agreed and the duo began to work tirelessly for several months. According to reports, when they were not in the studio, they were at concerts performing together.

John Mayer on stage with his guitar singing his heart out is the cutest.
Instagram | Taylor Swift

Before long, fans began to speculate that the duo were in a relationship. Well, it was difficult not to believe, as they had the perfect chemistry and made a really great song titled “Half Of My Heart.” This song featured as the third single in Mayer’s 2009 album titled “Battle Studies.”

Although it was the first time the duo worked together, they were always in sync. Truth is, if fans didn’t believe that they were romantically involved, they wanted it to be true at the end of the day.

A lovely selfie showing Taylor Swift in a black outfit, in the comfort of her home.
Instagram | Taylor Swift

After a few months of working together and looking very sweet in every photo, the duo moved on to other things in their lives. However, fans got to experience what it was like for them through Swift’s songs about the singer. Find out which songs Swift sang about John Mayer.

“The Story Of Us”

Speaking to USA Today. Swift said that the song was about someone she met at an event, whom she fell in one with. She also went on to say that although they were not seated far away from each other, neither of them summoned the courage to speak. Fans were certain that this song was about Mayer because he and Swift had attended the CMT Awards in 2010.

John Mayer looks incredible on stage in a dark auditorium, singing to his fans.
Instagram | John Mayer


This song debuted at number six in Swift’s 2010 album titled “Speak Now.” In this song, Swift spoke about a relationship that other people were against and criticized. She tried to make her partner calm by telling him that people only throws rocks at shiny things. In the lyrics Swift said; “the gap between your teeth.” Guess who has that!

“Dear John.”

From the title and the fact that there are not many Johns in Swift’s life that were supposedly in a relationship with her, Swift definitely wrote this song for Mayer. In this song, the singer talked about how the relationship she was involved in went wrong. She also noted in the lyrics; the age difference between her and the person she was in a relationship with.

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