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'Teen Mom' Star Mackenzie McKee

'Teen Mom' Star Mackenzie McKee Admits She Wasn't A Good Wife Amid Divorce

By Clark Sparky

"Teen Mom" star Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh are in the process of getting divorced amid allegations that he cheated on her with her cousin following her mom's death in May. While many fans have been quick to villainize him as their relationship deteriorated, McKee is now admitting that she was not a good wife, and that he got a "bad edit" by MTV when he was on "Teen Mom."

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“I don’t think I’ve been a good wife. I had to figure out how to be a wife at the age of 18 and I was very heartless,” [she said]( on "The Domenick Nati Show" earlier this week.

McKee went on to confess that she was very mean to Josh when she was pregnant with their kids.

“If I could take back anything it would be the way I acted when I got pregnant with him each time," she said.


McKee continued, "I was very upset about it. I would tell him he ruined my life. And he was happy about it. So he never got to enjoy a good pregnancy. And I think I really did hurt him and destroy him a lot with that. Because he just wanted a family. He wanted a normal life."

The reality star also said that her priorities were in the wrong place during that time as she was focused on trying to a celebrity while he just wanted to raise a family.


“I wanted to be a famous fitness model. I would push him away and I was all about getting my name out there. I didn’t care about Josh or his feelings,” she said.

While their divorce is not yet finalized, McKee said that their separation has been on very good terms.

“If I could go through a divorce with anyone in this world it would be Josh. I know that is the weirdest thing that I could ever say. But when it came to the end and we kind of had to look at each other and say, ‘We destroyed this marriage together.’ And I had to take full accountability for doing just as much as he destroyed the marriage,” she said.


McKee alleged on social media back in May that Josh had cheated on her with a "close cousin" while she was caring for her dying mother.

"I know many have it worse than me. This isn't a pity party," she wrote at the time. "Life has really thrown me some huge curve balls. Idk how I've made it here."

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