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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry Skateboards In Bikini Bottoms For An 'Important Reminder'

Getty Images/NBC
By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry is literally skateboarding in her bikini bottoms. The 53-year-old Oscar winner, who has been honoring Instagram's #FitnessFriday for two years, continued the weekly shout-out today with an update that kept it outdoors, skimpy, and upbeat.

If you don't live inside Halle's Instagram, the "Catwoman" star recently shut down the platform by peeling off her waist-trainer to show off the sweat-drenched abs she's built up for MMA movie "Bruised." This look didn't fall short on the muscle. Scroll for the video.

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'Those Calories Will Still Burn'

Halle Berry poses in a swimsuit on the beach
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle's video, seen below, showed her on palm-lined streets and in full babe mode – also proving she's Hollywood's biggest muscle machine. The footage, coming with music, showed Halle cruising through suburban streets with parked cars, also flaunting her killer body in a colorful and peach-waisted pair of bikini bottoms, plus a knotted white tee with a beachy vibe.

Halle, rocking shades and seen barefoot, showed off her skills and balance, then taking to her caption to remind her 6.3 million followers that workouts don't have to be dull.

'Get Out There, Try Something New!'

Halle Berry working out on grass
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle opened with her "important reminder" – and she used caps. It's to "HAVE FUN."

"Workouts don’t always have to be strict or goal oriented. Discipline is great, but it’s not everything. So get out there, try something new!" she continued.

Halle, who completed three years worth of martial arts training in just six months for "John Wick: Parabellum," then added that something that "makes you smile" is the key – "skateboard, bike, swim, roller-skate, chase your kids, do cartwheels." More after the video.

She's The Inspiration Instagram Needs Right Now

Halle Berry poses against a balcony in a tank top
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle, who has upflited fans amid Black Lives Matter's dark days with jungle-effect and post-rain yoga, appeared to get the thumbs-up from the get-go. Her update racked up over 10,000 views in under ten minutes, also bringing in a giant wave of comments.

"Wow, that was great," one fan wrote. "Yes. This is so important to take heed to," another added.

Halle is, of course, known for keeping that Instagram eye-catching and fun, having ditched her clothes in high heels and in nothing but a pillow for her now-viral Pillow Challenge earlier this year. Skip the jump for more.

Keto For Over 15 Years

Halle Berry poses with a chicken dish
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle, who is Type 1 diabetic, documents both her fitness and her diet on social media, including her "next level delicious" Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken. The actress this year divulged that she's been following the low-carb keto lifestyle for over 15 years as she revealed her diabetes diagnosis, back when she was 22. Halle told Women's Health:

"My doctors told me I'd have to keep an eye on how I ate to stay healthy, and I took it to heart. I wanted to get off of insulin, so I decided to say goodbye to processed carbs and sugar like baked goods and white bread—and it has seriously paid off."

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