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Asuelu and Kalani had a heated argument during their road trip from Utah to California.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Preview: Asuelu Apologizes To Kalani After Huge Argument During Road Trip To California

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

A few weeks ago, ’90 Day Fiancé’ viewers got to see a very tense scene between Asuelu and his wife, Kalani. They were on a family road trip from Utah to California. Asuelu kept getting annoyed as he said women in America have easy jobs compared to the ones in his home country of Samoa. He also called her annoying and a "lying b*tch." This all happened right in front of Kalani's mother as well. This also came after Kalani wanted Asuelu to sit in the back seat with the baby.

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Asuelu and Kalani try to fix their relationship following the huge fight in the car.

Asuelu went on to lock himself in a room while Kalani and everyone else celebrated his son's birthday. It took some talking from Kalani's father to get him to come out as he grew annoyed as well. In a preview of this week's episode, Asuelu humbles himself and finally decides to apologize for how he spoke to Kalani.

“Lately we haven’t really been talking much,” Kalani said. “I mean, we haven’t really had any kind of resolution since California. It’s getting to the point where I just feel like I’m kind of battling a teenager.”

Asuelu admitted that he was mad because he and Kalani couldn't go to Samoa.

In the new episode, Asuelu admitted that he got angry at Kalani due to them not being able to go to Samoa. This was due to a measles outbreak and they could not risk bringing their children to that country in the midst of what was going on.

“In California, me and Kalani and Kalani’s mom, we have a little disagreement. I was swear inside the car, because I was upset that we canceled trip to Samoa, and I really miss my family. But after I have a conversation with Kalani’s dad, I told him that I really want to apologize to Kalani.”

Asuelu admitted that leaving Kalani after their argument was wrong.

Asuelu told Kalani he wanted to discuss the California incident and she replied “Well, I’m glad, because things are gonna keep happening if we don’t talk about the actual problem."

Asuelu also apologized for leaving and going to a hotel following their argument. He also didn't answer her calls then either.

“I think taking a bag and walk away from you is not a smart idea. I do know I really was so wrong when I say that woman in Samoa is better than you. And I’m so sorry."

Asuelu will try to learn from his mistakes on how he treated Kalani.

In the end, Kalani does accept Asuelu's apology. For her though, actions must speak louder than words.

“Thank you for admitting that. That’s progress,” Kalani said. “But it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do anything. That is one of the things that irritates me so much—you’ll apologize, and then you’ll just keep doing the same things.”

Asuelu tried to keep his pride going though by saying “I mean, it’s not only, it’s happened to you.” Kalani wasn't having it though as she said he is what they are discussing, not her.

“You’re apologizing to me right now,” said Kalani. "We’re not talking about me, we’re talking about you. You made an issue, and we’re trying to fix it.”

Asuelu then admitted that she was right by saying "I will show you I’m not gonna do that again. I learn from the past, and we just move forward." We will see moving forward if the two do fix their problems. The next episode of ’90 Day Fiancé’'s 'Happily Ever After?' is on July 26 at 8pm ET.

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