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Duane 'Dog' Chapman

Duane 'Dog' Chapman Is All Smiles With Fiancee Francie Frane After Successful Bounty Hunt

Gettyimages | Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images
By Clark Sparky

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his fiancee Francie Frane were in good spirits on Thursday when he shared a photo to Instagram of the two cracking up. The picture was taken in Virginia, where Chapman had just completed a successful bounty hunt. He was searching for a fugitive named Felux Chujoy who was wanted for making and distributing methamphetamine. Dog was able to track him down in less than 72 hours after arriving in the state.

It was the first time Frane had joined Chapman on a bounty hunt. After they successfully apprehended Chujoy, Dog talked about the difficulties of doing his job during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The way I recognize people is facial features, which include eyes, face and all that," Chapman explained. "Most of my fugitives right now are walking around with their face covered. Shades on, face covered, and a hat. You’ll never know it. Thank you to the people of the great state of Virginia," he continued. "Your tips and leads helped towards the surrender of Felix Chujoy. When Wyatt Earp comes to town, the safest place for the criminal is to hide inside the jail."


It's been a big week for Chapman, who also announced that he is creating a new show called "Dog's Dirty Dozen" that will heavily feature all 12 of his kids as the hunt down fugitives.

"The last network was Dog's Most Wanted with WGN. We broke all records. I'm not just saying, 'Dog! Dog!' Not me, the family," Chapman said on the "Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer" podcast.

"It was about Beth and her final days. Now, we have the show. We're all back together. Because when a tragedy like that happens in your family, you gotta pull together. So, it's called Dog's Dirty Dozen."

Giphy | SYFY

"Most Wanted" came to an end last September after WGN announced that it was pivoting to a three-hour primetime news show so no longer had a slot for the show.

The one season of that show documented the death of Beth Chapman, and Dog didn't wanna end his run of TV shows on such a sad note.

Wikimedia |

Chapman said filming has been delayed because of the virus, and the show doesn't yet have a network or premiere date.

"Once it opens up, we're coming back," Chapman said. He went on to reveal that show will be the last time the whole family will be together on a reality TV show. And it won't include just him and his kids, "two grandkids in their 20s who are in bounty hunting" are also on the show.

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