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Doja filming an IG Live for her fans

Doja Cat Angers Fans Again, More Talks Of Race And “Identity Issues”

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By Kay Lewis

Singer Doja Cat came through with a shady message on Twitter this week and fans are pissed. The “Say So” singer unleashed a fury of words on Twitter accusing her fans of liking her when it’s convenient and essentially throwing her away when it’s not. “Remember when people said I was black when I had a #1 along side 3 other black women but now the same people wanna say I'm white? Maybe I'm not the one here with "identity issues". :).” The question sparked a debate amongst her followers and fans.

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Doja Lost The Trust Of Many Fans

Doja taking a selfie for the fans
@dojacat Instagram

The 24-year-old has been going through a rough time with fans lately since news broke that she had been hanging out in alt-right chat rooms allegedly bashing people of color. In addition, an old song surfaced where the singer said a couple of awful things that her fans did not agree with. While she apologized for her hateful words and the controversial videos surfacing, the singer hasn’t seemed to learn one lesson from the backlash she received, and her fans did not hesitate to tell her. Replying to the singers latest controversial tweet, a fan tried to clarify why her words stung so deeply the first time around.

She Hasn't Learned A Lesson

Doja dressed like a cow
@dojacat Instagram

“It's not about you being black, it's about Darkskins hating Lightskins and using whatever they can to pull us beneath them, then claiming we have privilege even though everybody else still sees us as black,” wrote the fan. Another let her know that her fans refuse to forget what she said and did. She clearly got into it with a follower because she posted and deleted a response that could have gotten her in more trouble with her fans. When asked why she deleted her comment, the singer explained in detail.

Th Singer Is Fighting Haters On Social Media

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“Deleted my last tweet because someone brought up a very valid point about it. My response was that I'm standing up for myself because I know what the truth is.” One follower clapped back and taunted Doja, “stop trying to make us forget what you did”. The singer replied angrily and combative, “I'm just trying to make sure you remember who the f**k you're talking to, coward.” Clearly the singer is deflecting from her drama without even realizing it but at this point, she is in so much hot water that it doesn’t matter what she says good or bad.

Her Drama Is Being Overshadowed

The singer expressing how fed up with the day she is
@dojacat Instagram

She has been silent since saying her peace, but fans are contemplating if they are willing to continue to support someone who has so much “internal hate”. “U could do so much more with ur platform if you really supported black women and black people in general... if you want to start being relevant again you need to do more,” boasted the fan. Some fans supported her but let her know she was dead wrong for her actions, “girl I love u but you were the one hanging in a white supremacist group lmao.” Luckily for Doja, Kanye West is running amuck on social media so most of what she does now will go unnoticed.

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