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Britney Spears Didn't Appear In Court Today - Are 'Technical Difficulties' To Blame?

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Britney Spears' court date didn't go as planned.

The 38-year-old pop star was set to virtually appear in front of a judge today (alongside her parents Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears) to discuss her 12-year long conservatorship case.

Yet official documents obtained by The Blast confirm that Britney Spears did not make it to the July 22nd hearing - the LA County Court's report listed ten names as being present, but hers was not one of them.


Britney's Dad Jamie Spears Makes Major Move For Conservatorship's Future

Minute Order from Britney Spears' July 22 conservatorship hearing
The Blast

As stated in today's doc:

"The following parties are present for the aforementioned proceeding: Samuel Ingham, Attorney; Jodi Montgomery, Nominee; James Spears, Petitioner; Lynne Spears, Interested Party; Lauriann Wright. Attorney for Petitioner; Geraldine Wyle Attorney; Jeryll Cohen, Attorney; Yasha Bronshteyn, Attorney; Gladstone N. Jones; Otis King"

On the "defense," Britney's dad (and longtime conservator) Jamie Spears requested that the rest of his daughter's case be locked from public view...which was actually evidenced before/above the list of names ("NATURE OF PROCEEDINGS: Motion - Seal filed on March 12, 2020 by James P. Spears.")

See what the judge had to say about all this ⚖️⬇️⚖️

#FreeBritney Thinks Other Things Happened

GIPHY | FOX Teen Choice

Looks like the world won't be seeing what's happening with Britney's conservatorship anymore, because "The Motion - Seal filed on March 12, 2020 by James P. Spears is granted."

"The Court grants the motion to seal the transcript, conditionally seal the Status Report filed pending a further motion, and the motion to clear and close the courtroom."

Today's minute order concluded by saying that "James Spears is ordered to prepare the Order After Hearing."

Meanwhile, #FreeBritney supporters gathered outside the courthouse allege that something else happened to prevent the "Piece of Me" songstress from appearing.

#FreeBritney Fans Rally At Courthouse (Despite Being Barred) - Claim Britney 'Wasn't Able To Connect'

Britney Spears promotes her new mobile app (in 2016)
Britney Spears | Facebook

As reported by The Blast, #FreeBritney fans were barred from entering the courthouse - but it didn't stop them from rallying outdoors.

A 3:30 PM PDT Twitter update showed fans on-site saying that the queen of pop was "trying to connect (to the video call) but was having technical difficulties."

Over on Instagram, Los Angeles-based user @freebritneyla interviewed another fan who felt that "no one's taking it seriously."

The woman's supposition was that "everyone in there (the courtroom) is on their phone, laughing, cracking jokes."

A second person interviewed outside the court said today's "connection problems" were caused by "people hacking into the system; into the video call."

New Court Date Supposedly Slated

Britney Spears in a long-sleeved white shirt
Britney Spears | Facebook

The man then said "the judge had to call some technical people in and fix the issue."

He also alleges that they "finally got it fixed, [but] by that time were waiting for CPS to show up." When CPS arrived, he claims, the judge said it was "too late" and proceeded to reschedule.

What's being said now: Britney Spears' new day in court will be Wednesday, August 19th.

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