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Jordyn Woods poses for a photo

Jordyn Woods' Braless Photos Hijacked Amid Explosive Kardashian Drama

Jordyn Woods/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Jordyn Woods has had her Instagram hijacked by bots pretending to be Kim Kardashian. The 22-year-old model took to the platform today with simple, summery, and sexy photos of herself in a braless sundress. With Kim Kardashian currently topping Twitter trends as she addresses 43-year-old husband Kanye West's bipolar breakdown, though, the entire extended crowd is getting dragged into the drama.

Jordyn is fresh from firing major shots at Kim Kardashian's longtime friend, Larsa Pippen – the 46-year-old, unfollowed by all of the Kardashians today, is rumored to have had an affair with Khloe Kardashian's ex. And Woods has been heavily suggesting it was true. Scroll for more.

Starts Off Straight-Forward

Jordyn Woods poses seated and smiling
Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Scroll for the photos, plus the explosive drama that just today saw SECNDNTURE founder Jordyn like a comment stating that Larsa slept with NBA face and ex to Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson.

Jordyn's photos showed her posing seated and amid gilded paintings and wooden floors as she modeled a slinky, low-cut, and thin-strapped dress in yellowish golds. A caption reading: "Her vibes are just different" completed the post.

Jordyn, seemingly kicked out of the Kardashian-Jenner circle following her February 2019 cheating scandal with Thompson, now sees some interesting replies.

Kim K Bobble Heads Say 'Come Back To Our Family'

Jordyn Woods poses with Kylie Jenner at an event
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Jordyn, whose post racked up over 273,000 likes in two hours, saw more than the usual gushing from her 11.5 million followers. The former best friend to Kylie Jenner, once the pinnacle of inner KarJenner circle royalty, now sees bots with Kim Kardashian's name pleading for her return.

"Jordyn, come back to our family," the message reads, and it's been left repeatedly to the model's photos.

Another from what appears to be the same account reads: "Jordyn, call Kylie!🥺🙏"

Jordyn has not been spotted with makeup mogul Kylie since she appeared alienated from the Kardashian family last year, although reports did suggest the two to have partied in the same venue. Scroll for the Larsa Pippen drama.

Heavily Implying Larsa Pippen Cheated With Tristan Thompson

Larsa Pippen poses for a selfie
Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Today sees Woods in the news for wading into the current Kardashian storm. Kanye West's deleted Tuesday night tweets saw him name-drop Larsa Pippen via her name with a suspect think-face emoji.

On Wednesday, a tweet read: "Okay so the only thing I peeped from that man's rant is that LARSA PIPPIN [sic] SLEPT WITH TRISTAN but didn't get dragged like Jordyn did because HE kissed HER."

Jordyn liked the tweet. Larsa was heavily involved in the Woods/Thompson scandal, also finding herself accused of "bullying" Woods, something that she denied.

Jordyn Woods 'Better' Without The Kardashians, Fans Say

Jordyn Woods poses in a white dress
Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Jordyn appears to be the poster child for the celebrity who came out of a cheating scandal having the last laugh. The model, who was immensely popular on "The Masked Singer" and landed herself a Forbes feature this year, has seen her status shoot up, not down, following her scandal.

Alongside having two successful Boohoo collaborations to her name, Jordyn has her own SECNDNTURE athleisure and Eylure lash brands, plus her new FrstPlace fitness plans. She has also featured on VH1's "Hip Hop Squares," plus she's got BET "Sacrifice" movie to her credits. Skip the jump for more.

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