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A lovely photo showing pregnant Katy Perry singing her heart out at an event.

Katy Perry Details Why She Was Ashamed For Taking Medications For ‘Clinical Depression’

Instagram | Katy Perry
By Favour

Katy Perry recently disclosed her mental health struggles and how she took medication for it. She also revealed that she was diagnosed with ‘clinical depression’ and the fact that she took drugs made her ashamed.

Over the years, celebrators have opened up about their mental health issues and how they got help. Usually, the medications become a part of them that they feel very uncomfortable telling people about it. This is not because they are not getting better, but because they think people will see them differently.

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Katy Perry looks amazing in this shiny silver dress with matching heels.
Instagram | Katy Perry

The singer who recently released a new album titled “Smile” mentioned during the interview with Howard Stern, that her previous album did not do well the way she expected it to.

She went on to say that when this happened, she started questioning her abilities to be a great singer and her career in general. This was no doubt a very difficult time for the singer, coupled with the fact that she also became an expecting mom.

Read below to find out other details that she disclosed during the interview.


Speaking of her latest album, from the title, it is apparent that the singer was in a difficult position and she needed something to lift her spirit. What better way to do that than to make an album that tells people to smile.

Perry shared her experiences with the world because she knows that there are others out there who have no one to talk to. Seeing how she as able to open up, they too can find the courage to do so and listen to her amazing album in the process.

Katy Perry looks adorable in this skin-tight white dress that shows how lovely she looks with her baby bump.
Instagram | Katy Perry

“This record is full of hopefulness and resilience and joy because it was made during a dark time when I was clinically depressed because I had a change in my career. The last record didn’t necessarily meet my expectations.” The “I Kissed A Girl” singer said.

Her previous album topped the US Billboard 200 after its release but later dropped a week later. It also dropped out of top ten and it was obvious that a lot of people had mixed feelings about it.

A photo of Katy Perry soaking up the sun in a dense location as she gazes to the sky.
Instagram | Katy Perry

Her inability to come to terms with what happened to her previous album, led her through a dark part. Eventually, she had to stay on medication to get batter and she felt bad about this.

“I was so ashamed about being in medication because I was like... ‘I wrote Fireworks.’ But it was one of those things where I’d sprained my brain a little.” The singer said.

Finally, pregnant Perry talked about her fiancé Orlando Bloom, whom she had just one word to describe: awesome.

When she was experiencing depression, Bloom stood by her and when she was too salty, he preferred to be by her side.

‘He’s perfect for me.’ Perry said.

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