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Gal Gadot Channels Wonder Woman In A Mask For A Million Likes On Instagram

Gettyimages | Rich Fury/VF20
By Rima Pundir

Unlike the #wearadamnmask Instagram posts of Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, and even Jessica Chastain, Gal Gadot's yesterday post seemed to gave got only love with more than a million likes.

Of course, there are the usual trolls who have nothing better to do but to spread hate, but other than that, people are just loving Gal Gadot and her gorgeous face under that mask.

Wearing a mask is proving an effective way to stop the spread of Coronavirus, so most celebs are baffled as to why some people are against it...

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Gal Gadot Is A 'Modern Day Hero'

Gal Gadot at the premiere of Wonder Woman
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Instagram is simply smitten with Gadot as Gal Gadot posted a Wonder Woman pic of hers, wearing a black mask to keep herself safe.

One fan wrote, 'Wonder Woman promoting to wear a mask. I love it. #WearingIsCaring #ModernDayHero" while another commented, "Yes!! Please!! Take care of each other!!"

The love that people have for each other seems to be bursting at the seams in Gadot's post, though one dissenter wondered why Gal was tuning so political to be put in place by another, "what's political about wearing a mask?"

Gal Gadot meanwhile, was touched by this mask-wearing couple...

Fans Sent Gal Love And A Million Likes

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman wearing a mask
Gal Gadot / Instagram

Another user not only loved that Gal was wearing a mask but also loved her particular scarf, commenting, "Love the mask! What kind is it?" to which a Gadot follower replied, "a neck scarf".

Gal is clearly in her Wonder woman avatar here, and the tiara is glinting through the monochromatic shot, so fans wondered if she was shooting for Wonder Woman II for now.

Meanwhile, the new release date for 'Wonder Woman 1984' is October 2, 2020, pushed back because of the Coronavirus pandemic, as all movies have been.

Here's the trailer...

Twitter Is Abuzz With 'Knightmare Diana' Theories

Wonder Woman 1984 is now slated for October 2, 2020 release
Gal Gadot / Instagram

Twitter has its own theories, even though it seems Gal Gadot was simply being a responsible citizen by wearing a mask and asking her fans to do so without using words.

Twitter wondered if Gal Gadot's new movie, 'Wonder Woman 1984' also had a post-apocalyptic or "Knightmare" scene, much like in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' where Superman flips out after Lois Lane's death.

One Twitter user wrote, "girl how are you in ww attire and wearing a mask this isn’t adding up" to which a reply came, "Knightmare Diana"!

This is Gal sharing Wonder Woman in DC Fandome.

The Nastiest Troll Ever

Here's the cast of Wonder Woman, Gal's 'Dream Team'
Gal Gadot / Instagram

The nastiest bit of comment came from someone who replied to Jessica Chastain's comment with an anti-semitic rant that really was a bad sort but then again, some people are nothing but hate.

Most other fans either stuck to appreciating Gal Gadot for her beauty or sage advise, or spoke about the various theories about the next Wonder Woman movie.

Just saying though, considering Gal filmed in the desert for 'Wonder Woman 1984', masks had to be a given to protect all from sand, although now, masks have come to mean different things!

Here are some different faces of Wonder Woman that Gal shared on her Instagram...

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