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An image showing DeMarcus Cousins and amazing opponent tackling each other on the court.

DeMarcus Cousins Devastated Over The Sudden Death Of His Bodyguard & Friend

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By Favour

The spread of COVID-19 has been a constant worry for several countries and governments. This is why many countries insist that their residents stay in doors most times and only go out when it is absolutely necessary. Also, they insist that unnecessary gatherings like parties should be prohibited for now, till they can find a way to contain the virus or find a vaccine for it.

In the sports world, many athletes have revealed that they were exposed to the virus and have been taking treatments.

A photo of DeMarcus Cousins dressed in a black and white print short and black sweatshirt at the Lakers basketball court.
Instagram | DeMarcus Cousins

However, a recent report revealed that DeMarcus Cousins’ bodyguard and close friend, has died. The report also mentioned that his death was caused by COVID-19 complications.

Noordin Said was a huge part of Cousins’ life and the athlete would always remember him no only as his security personnel but as his friend and confidant. Over the years, Said has worked closely with several A-List NBA athletes and they all have amazing things to say about him. His death is no doubt a shock and devastating experience for his previous bosses and present one.

A smile to brighten your day, courtesy of DeMarcus Cousins, sporting a green sweater and black head-warmer.
Instagram | DeMarcus Cousins

Said, who was 56 years old at the time of his death, was an upstate New York native who went beyond his role as a bodyguard to his bosses, but a friend. Aside from NBA players, Said had also worked with several musical artistes and he did his job to the best of his abilities.

Some of the musicians that he worked with include; Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Drake and so on. When he was not working as a bodyguard, Said was a lovely father to four beautiful children.

A photo of DeMarcus Cousins trying to dunk a ball.
Instagram | DeMarcus Cousins

Said started working with Cousins during the All-Star Weekend that took place in New York City in 2015. He was hired to be a full time security guard. After that year, the decided to continue working together till his death.

According to Yahoo Sports, Said and his wife became sick in early March, when their daughter returned from College. They decided to isolate themselves, to keep the virus from spreading. His wife first got tested and the results came back positive.

A lovely photo of DeMarcus Cousins typing on his phone as he walks beside a building. He has on a grey jacket with black pant and black boots.
Instagram | DeMarcus Cousins

Said on the other hand could not get tested because of a lack of symptoms, even when he was not feeling well. On March 30, Said visited the hospital because he was having symptoms synonymous to a heart attack.

The hospital decided to admit him and placed him on a ventilator. He started showing signs of improvement the following day, but that did not last long. About three days later, Said became worse and they tried to contact the hospital, but could not reach them.

On April 6, Said’s family got a call that he has little time to spend and they went to visit him. He passed shortly after.

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