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Dave Chappelle Pays A Visit To Kanye West After Twitter Rant

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By Favour

Kanye West has been all over social media recently, especially Twitter and the singer has been trending continuously. Some of these reactions began a few days ago when he revealed in a tweet, his intentions to run for the next president of the United States of America.

Firstly, some fans were perturbed because West has always shown his support for President Donald Trump and they believe that he would not do anything better if he gets the seat.

Secondly, it was just weird!

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On July 20, 2020, the “Jesus Is King” singer took to his Twitter account and in a series of tweets, talked about his family, including Kim Kardashian trying to keep him in the hospital.

A lot of fans started wondering what was happening with the rapper and why he was tweeting about his wife and mother-in-law in that way. The most shocking tweet of all, was the one where he said that a horror/thriller film titled “Get Out” described him.

A photo showing Kanye West speaking style a Technical College in Los Angeles.
Instagram | Kanye West

“Get Out,” was directed by Jordan Peele and released in Canada on February 24, 2017. The movie centered around Chris, a young African-American male, who visited his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents for a holiday and started experiencing wild things.

He later discovered that the family was capturing black men, brought home by their daughter and turning them into slaves for themselves and other people.

In spite of these disturbing statements from Kanye, neither Kris Jenner not Kim Kardashian responded on social media or tried to set the record straight.

Kanye West rocks a grey and brown sweater with blue pant and awesome sneakers as he poses on the street.
Instagram | Kanye West

In spite of Kanye’s past and present rants on Twitter, some of his fans showed him empathy. They also encouraged that he takes better care of his mental health.

To show him more support, Dave Chappelle flew over in his private jet to meet with Kanye and he reacted to it through a tweet. Also, his rants from yesterday, was nowhere to be found today.

In a recent tweet, Kanye thanked Chappelle whom he called a true friend who hopped on a jet, just to show him love.

In the past, Chappelle has openly not agreed with Kanye’s political views and statements. In 2018, CNN’s Van Jones held an interview with him and Kanye’s topic found its way into the conversation.

The comedian explained where he thinks the rapper draws his opinions from.

“First of all, you know Kanye’s the artist, man and he’s a genius. I think the angle he’s seeing things from is about the division that he sees.” Chappelle explained.

In this year, Kanye was trolled online for wearing a cap that read; “Make America Great Again.”

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