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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp photographed candidly

Amber Heard Claims She Never Faked Her Injuries During Court Proceedings With Johnny Depp

Gettyimages | John Phillips
By Chris Barilla

As the high-profile and messy case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to unfold in British high court, new details are seemingly emerging by the day regarding how the pair actually behaved around one another during the time of their romantic entanglement. Now, Heard is claiming in her most recent court statements that she has never faked injuries to further a case against Depp as the latter faces off against British tabloids that alleged he was complacent in domestic violence.

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Johnny Depp photographed candidly
Johnny Depp / Instagram

The actress, 34, alleged that Depp, 57, threw a phone at her "like he was a baseball pitcher" which left significant marks on her face. When questioned why nobody else had seen the marks in an effort to disprove her claims, Heard maintained that she consistently wears a lot of makeup and that it would have been easy to conceal the damage done by Depp when he threw the phone at her.

"Of course I had an injury," she told the court.


Beyond that, Heard denied any claims made by Depp that she had been involved in an illicit arrangement with another man during their relationship. Depp has previously targeted the likes of Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kevin Costner as those he believes engaged in an extra-marital affair with Heard while they were together. Despite these claims, the actress maintains her innocence and says that Depp's statements were part of a greater plan he had to control her during their relationship.

Johnny Depp poses with a guitar
Johnny Depp / Instagram

When Depp's legal team attempted to press on that Heard was the one that was actually violent against Depp, citing precedence from past relationships, she maintained that any actions she may have taken physically​ against him at the time were out of self-defense​e."

"That is what happens when you are in this situation, that’s the truth,” she said. “I knew better than to fight with him about the details of the fight, and what he perceived as injuries to him. My job was to say sorry and get him on track, and move on to bigger things."


Heard then went on to deny another bizarre allegation that her or a friend of hers had defacated on the couple's bed during the morning that followed Heard’s 30th birthday party back in April of 2016.

"That’s absolutely disgusting," the actress quipped candidly. "I cannot fathom what adult would do such a thing."

Heard claimed the feces were due to one of the couple's Yorkeshire Terriers getting into Depp's marijuana stash and becoming slightly ill, causing it to defacate on the bed.

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