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Brittany moved from Florida all the way to Jordan to be with Yazan.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Viewers Believe Brittany Can't Adapt To Culture In Jordan In Attempt To Be With Yazan

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Brittany is on the new cast of ’90 Day Fiancé’'s 'The Other Way' this season as she moved to Jordan to be with her boyfriend, Yazan. She plans to marry him but a huge problem is that she is still legally married to her ex-husband. She is from West Palm Beach, FL and also knows she will have to adapt to that country's culture, something that she went on to struggle with. In Florida, she is used to the free life and wearing whatever she likes.

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Brittany didn't have a good first impression with Yazan's parents' either.

Brittany never told Yazan that she was still married but still moved over to Jordan anyway. From the moment she arrived at the airport, they clashed. She had a bottle of liquor on her and hugged the TLC camera crew, which is frowned upon in the country. This resulted in an argument on the way to the hotel that Brittany was staying in. When she got there, she finally took some sips of her tequila that she brought over there. From the beginning, social media had zero hope in this relationship.

Yazan and Brittany's obstacles include adapting to each other's cultures.

Brittany was also skeptical about wearing a hijab, which is common in Jordan as well. She started to wear it when it was time to meet Yazan's parents as well. That meeting didn't go well at all either as they wanted the two to get married ASAP but Brittany kept making excuses so she can get her other divorce finalized. His parents went on to get angry as their father believed that the community might view her as a prostitute based on her social media activity.

Yazan attempted to better things by getting Brittany a good apartment to stay in.

On last night's episode of The Other Way, Brittany started to melt down again following the departure of Yazan's parents house. He did try to put in a nice gesture though which was putting her in a very nice apartment in the area, which impressed many people. He could not spend the night with her though due to rules in Jordan of not sleeping with someone who you are not married to. At that point, Brittany believed that Yazan loves her but needs to stand up to his parents.

Many doubt that Yazan and Brittany's relationship in Jordan will work at all.

Brittany did maintain the claim that she was never disrespectful to the parents. She didn't even understand the language they were speaking.

“I’m trying to respect you guys, and I’ve been very respectful, actually, like, the last couple times I came here. How have I been disrespectful? I don’t understand. … I’m confused. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m lost. I don’t speak the language. I’m confused. People are yelling at me. People are getting mad at me. I don’t even know what’s going on."

It will definitely be interesting to see if she does get along with his family and if this life in Jordan will work at all.

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