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Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Stormi Webster photographed together

How Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Maintain Putting Stormi's Needs First Before Their Relationship

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi
By Chris Barilla

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's romantic relationship may very well be one of the most talked-about​ dating situations of the last decade, but no matter how much attention is put on the mega-famous​ parents and the ups and downs of their personal ties to one another, nothing has been able to get in between them giving their daughter, Stormi Webster, everything she needs. Now, a source close to the family has opened up about exactly what it has taken on both Scott and Jenner's parts to maintain that level of care for their daughter.

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Since their largely shocking split back in October of 2019, Jenner and Scott have made it their mission to focus all of their energy on giving young Stormi the best possible childhood she could have and ensuring that she receives equal attention and love from both parents. The former couple was even spotted last weekend in Laguna Beach, California enjoying some quality time with their daughter, something that has been a mainstay of their working co-parenting relationship since the split.


"When Kylie and Travis broke up, it was a no-brainer that her only focus no matter what happened between them was co-parenting and Stormi’s happiness," a source close to the family told 'HollywoodLife' about the efforts they take to ensure Stormi's healthy growth.

Jenner has been adamant that her daughter be given a "normal life" where both parents are present, which is achievable due to the fact that her and Scott still consider themselves to be the closest of friends and will put anything aside to benefit Stormi.

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"Kylie feels very comfortable spending time with Travis because not only are they best friends, but she’s always wanted Stormi to know that both of her parents will care for her despite what happens in their relationship," the source continued to mention.

Clearly this dynamic has been working for the couple, who have been spending time in quarantine with one another and even made notable appearances on each others social media channels in the past weeks and months, indicative of their good standing.


"Kylie feels her parents served as amazing role models for her growing up because although she grew up in a big family, they were always there for her," the source went on to tell the publication. All in all, Jenner seeks to provide Stormi with the same loving and available level of parenting that she was afforded as a child and, "wants to ensure Stormi has that same sense of security." With Scott's recent acquisition of a Brentwood estate not far from Kylie's home, its clear that the couple is in this for the long run.

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