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A photo of Beyoncé in a red pleated dress and white Adidas to match.

Beyoncé Proves Again That She Is Relatable & Lovable

Instagram | Beyoncé
By Favour

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is many things including a producer, mentor, singer, and mother of three amazing kids. In respect to her attitude off screen, many fans have said that the “Brown Skin Girl” singer is down to earth and very relatable.

Media outlets have heard stories of people who encountered Beyoncé physically and how amazing she was to and with them. Usually, fans expect celebrities to be as awesome as they are on camera or in videos, but that is not the case in many situations.

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A photo collage showing Beyoncé in different outfits from IVY x PARKER clothing line.
Instagram | Beyoncé

Undoubtedly, Queen Bee has shown over again that she is as amazing as everyone thinks or expects her to be. Regardless of her spotlight presence, fame, wealth and celebrity status, this iconic singer is the kind that many women aspire to be like.

This is not to say that she does not have her fair share of hurdles that she has gone through in life, but she always finds a way to smile through it. Read below about an ex-restaurant hostess who recently revealed her encounter with Beyoncé.

A photo of Beyoncé sporting an IVY x PARKER gold earring and it looks amazing.
Instagram | Beyoncé

Julia Carolann, a former restaurant hostess in Manhattan took to her TikTok page recently to rate several celebrities based on how she encountered them. Some of the celebrities she mentioned included; Beyoncé, Nick Jonas, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Josh Peck and so on.

In a second video, Carolann explained in detail how she felt when she met Beyoncé for the first time and how she acted. Her rating for the singer was 10,000,000/10.

According to Carolann, when Bey had finished eating, she turned to her before leaving and with a smile, she thanked her.


The video went viral almost immediately as thousands of fans praised the R&B singer for her relatable and personable attitude to her fans.

This video also sparked conversations on social media platforms, where a lot of people talked about how amazing Beyoncé is as a singer and as a person. Most times, we hear stories of people crowding their favorites whenever they get to see them in public, but that seldom happens to the pop star. This is because her fans know that she is a very private person.

Beyoncé adorns in a black suede dress with matching hand gloves as she poses for the camera while sitting on a retro car.
Instagram | Beyoncé

They also understand and respect that whenever she is in public like that, all she wants is time to herself to enjoy one of the few days she has in a month. However, when she is in a fan-filled area; places like the entrance of an event or a concert, Beyoncé always pays attention to her amazing fans.

She often shakes hands with them with a beautiful smile on her face. Also, she is fond of engaging in brief conversations with her fans, like she has known them her whole life. Another amazing thing about Beyoncé is that she is great with kids. She loves her fans who are kids and always make them feel welcome.

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