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Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox twinning with glasses

Jennifer Aniston Twins With Courteney Cox Wearing Masks To Fight Covid, Instagram Smitten

Courteney Cox / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox don't just team up for cutesy lunches or 'Friends' reunions, they also get-together to do some good. The 'Rachel & Monica' duo took to Instagram yesterday to further the '#wearadamnmask' movement and urged people to keep themselves safe by wearing a mask.

While Jennifer Aniston brought home the point with the picture of a sick friend who was brought down by COVID, Courteney Cox did the same in a slighter happier way, using a cutesy dog video.

Either which way, the message remains the same: wear a damn mask people!

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Jennifer Aniston Says 'Wear A Damn Mask'

Jennifer Aniston wears a 'damn' mask
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Remember how 'Friends' truly began with Jennifer Aniston's Rachel ran into Central Perk wearing her wedding dress, having run away from a marriage she didn't truly want?

Well, on the Internet too, the hashtag #wearadamnmask could not have reached its unprecedented trending popularity until Jennifer Aniston decided to step out and wear one on Instagram on July 1st, and get 6.5 million likes for it...

She also got another 85,000 comments on her post as boldly looked at the camera, wearing her 'damn' mask with pride.

Read the whole post below...

'Rachel & Monica' Twin With Masks

Courteney & Jennifer twinning with masks
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

To follow up on the same, Jennifer Aniston just took to Instagram again and posted yet another request for people to take COVID seriously and mask up when stepping out.

And this time, Rachel teamed up with Monica, aka Courteney Cox to do so...

The two twinned with masks and looked as pretty as peaches while they did so, and one fan commented, "So true Jen! If we all just wore masks, we would get rid of this pandemic. We stop at red lights and stop signs otherwise we would kill others and ourselves. What’s so hard about this?"

'Cannot Outrun COVID', Says Jen

Jennifer Aniston posted a throwback pick, asking COVID to "f**k off"
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Pictures of her showing the finger to COVID apart, Jennifer Aniston also posted a rather disturbing picture of one of her friends who was struck down with the virus. He's completely tubed up, lying almost comatose on a hospital bed.

She wrote, "This is our friend Kevin. Perfectly healthy, not one underlying health issue. This is COVID. This is real... We can't be so naive to think we can outrun this. If we want this to end, and we do, right? The one-step we can take is PLEASE #wearadamnmask. "

Liked by some 4.8 million people, this post also got Jennifer Aniston some 49,000 comments and counting.

Here's the whole post...

Courteney's Message Was Poochy Cute Too

Courteney & Jennifer twinning with masks
Courteney Cox / Instagram

Courteney Cox also posted something similar, though her version was a video of her two dogs conversing about wearing a mask, and it too got some 3.5 million likes.

Many other celebs took to Jennifer Aniston's post to send her sick friend wishes, and also commend her for her simple, straightforward message.

Mariska Hargitay sent "love and prayers" while Gwyneth Paltrow agreed with a "Right on sister".

Meanwhile, the very gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer said it right, "Baffling why this so hard for some people". And Rita Wilson did a mic drop, "I’m so glad he’s ok. Wearing a mask is so easy."

Watch the Courteney's video below...

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