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Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West

Kanye West Has Mental Breakdown During First Presidential Campaign Rally In South Carolina

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Clarissa Wilson

Rapper Kanye West is running for president in 2020. He made such a surprise and last minute announcement that hardly anyone took him serious. Especially when he didn't register to be on the November ballot right away. However, he must be serious since he has finally registered.

The problem is, Kanye West has mental problems, Bipolar Disorder, and seems to not be taking his medication. Fans noticed this must be true when he had a major manic episode during his first presidential campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina at the Exquis Event Center.

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Kanye West

There were stipulations for those who were registered to attend the rally. They had to wear face masks because of the Covid-19 pandemic and were told to practice social distancing. Although everyone but West himself were wearing masks, no one practiced social distancing. In fact, West had everyone stand near him and they were all in a crowd together. They also had to sign a liability release form because of the pandemic.

Although West is registered to be on the voting ballot in November, since he is running late, he is only registered in Oklahoma so far. He has missed the deadline for many states and needs to collect the required signatures he needs for other states.

His rally was in South Carolina and he had until Monday to collect 10,000 signatures to be registered for the ballot in the states by the noon deadline. According to Politico, he did not make the deadline.

Now, in order for him to get on the voting ballot in South Carolina, he will need to find and win a nomination for one of South Carolina's political parties. This could be a long shot for him though. Especially after his meltdown at the rally yesterday. His supporters, who did support him and his presidential run, may not completely support him to run now. Everyone is worried about his mental health. His fans actually don't believe wife Kim Kardashian loves him since it doesn't seem like she is having him take his medication or get the mental health help he needs. They also don't believe she still supports his running for president.

Elon Musk and Kanye West

During his mental breakdown, West talked a lot about how he doesn't support abortion. Once he mentioned this to his fans, he admitted that daughter North was supposed to be aborted once Kim found out she was pregnant for her. He got really emotional and started crying and said that he almost murdered his daughter. He also mentioned that his dad wanted to abort him when his parent's found out his mom was pregnant for him. He said his mom saved his life, but his dad was "too busy" to raise a child and wanted to abort him. He then broke down in tears.

Kanye West

Not only did he reference that both he and daughter North were almost aborted, he started talking about Harriet Tubman and spoke controversially about her. He said that Tubman didn't really free the slaves but sent them to work for other white people. This isn't true at all and his supporters weren't happy with some of them walking out of the rally. Harriet Tubman was an African American slave who lived during the 19th Century. She escaped slavery and helped other black women and men escape it as well by sending them North to get away from slavery. She also fought for the union during the Civil War.

Kanye West

West definitely had a mental breakdown and ended his rally by running out in tears. Many of his fans have cried in outrage toward his wife, Kim Kardashian, for not getting him the mental help he desperately needs. They think that Kardashian and her family are enabling him and not guiding him in the right direction for getting the right help. Some fans are even convinced that Kardashian doesn't even love Kanye anymore.

It seems that Kardashian is really upset with West for bringing up the fact that they were going to abort their daughter North while pregnant for her. She knows that when North gets older, she will see the rally video and will find out that they considered not having her at first. She is worried about what this will do to North when she does find out.

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