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Emma showing off a new hair color

Emma Roberts Attacked By Fans For Making A Coffee Run While Pregnant

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By Kay Lewis

Emma Roberts hasn’t even confirmed her pregnancy, but fans are already judging the way she is living her pregnant life. The actress has been spotted out and about with her supposed baby daddy Garrett Hedlund but her teeny weeny baby bump hasn’t been exposed yet. However, this didn’t stop fans from ripping her a new one for purchasing what looks like an iced coffee. The 29-year-old was spotted at a Los Feliz, California coffee shop wearing an adorable black dress with a white T-shirt underneath.

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"Are You Really Drinking Caffeine" Asked A Fan

Emma and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund taking a stroll
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While her face was covered by a mask, she looked unimpressed with the paps following her around. Little did she know that was the least of her worries. Fans were more concerned with the fact that she looked to be drinking an iced coffee. Pregnancy and coffee have long been a taboo pairing, even though doctors have admitted that a small coffee would have little to no affect on a child in utero. But everyone has an opinion these days and these opinionated fans were calling out the “American Horror Story” star for her ignorance.

What About The Baby?

Emma Roberts on set
@emmaroberts Instagram

“Drinking coffee while pregnant? And if that’s a Frappuccino type drink that’s a lot of sugar,” said one accusatory follower. Another fan wanted to know why she even had to leave her home to grab a coffee. “Celebrities don’t have coffee or kitchens at their homes,” they wondered. Roberts and Hedlund were outed as parents to be by none other than her mother. The actress’ mom was responding to fans on social media who were inquiring about the rumors with a simple “yes” and heart emoji.

The Actress Was Outed By Her Mom

Emma and ex-boyfriend Evan Peters
@emmaroberts Instagram

It’s not sure whether or not Roberts’ mother Kelly Cunningham was given the go ahead to confirm her daughter’s pregnancy but since it’s already out there she can’t take it back now. One other thing Roberts fans are questioning is how solid her relationship with Hedlund is. The “Scream Queens” actress had an extremely tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend Evan Peters. This included an incident where she physically attacked Peters leaving him a little bloody and the actress in handcuffs in Vancouver, Canada.

Is She Hitting Her New Man?

Giphy | ScreamQueens

“I wonder if she hits Garrett Hedlund everyday,” inquired the fan. Peters and Roberts had a long relationship despite the domestic disagreement between them and while she was arrested, she did not get charged with anything. The actress famously met up with her man again just days later in New Orleans where the paps caught her tearful embrace. Since breaking up over a year ago the exes look to be in a better place with their respective partners. Like Roberts, Peters has moved on to musician Halsey.

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