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Kanye West and Jay-Z embrace candidly

Kanye West Says He Wants Jay-Z As His Presidential Running Mate

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Chris Barilla

Despite being less than two weeks out from his announcement that he would be running for President of the United States under the 'Birthday Party,' Kanye West has already shaken up the inherent core of American politics by his unique and sometimes controversial approach to tackling the highest office in the nation. Now, in an interview published on July 19 just hours ahead of his controversial South Carolina campaign rally, West opened up about how he would choose fellow rapper Jay-Z as his running mate.

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During a candid interview with Z93 JAMZ radio host Kris Kaylin, as reported by 'HollywoodLife', West opened up about his campaign ideas, largely focusing on his team and the logistics that would go behind its design, notably name dropping Jay-Z as a potential running mate.

"So, I reached out to [independent presidential candidate Jade Simmons] to possibly be my vice-president, my running mate," West said initially before detailing how that interaction didn't manifest, leading him to make his current choice of religious leader Michelle Tidball.


"Now, we have Michelle Tidball, who is a Christian pastor out of Wyoming, who is my running-mate, but she would be open to taking another position [in his cabinet] if we found another running mate," West explained of Tidball's openness to West's ideas regarding changing the power structure in America. This conversation led to​ the artist discussing the potential that he would call on former collaborator and once close friend Jay-Z to join him in the Oval Office if he were to win.

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"You know who should be my running mate? Shawn Carter," the 'Follow God' rapper told Kaylin after making reference to the initials of South Carolina, S.C., being the same as the 'H.O.V.' rapper's initials.

However, when asked about the actual potential of a West-Carter 2020 ticket manifesting, the 'Life of Pablo' artist laughed and referenced how he had not spoken to Carter in nearly a decade, but would still love to work with him regardless because he considers him his "brother."

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"Man, you know that I ain’t talk to my brother in about nine years or something like that," West said. "But the fact that we haven’t talked so long, that’s how you know we’re real brothers. … cause fake ones be mad but still pull up because they’re getting a check," he continued to mention.

West has drawn considerable criticism for his political stances, many of which he elaborated on during his South Carolina campaign speech, causing many other celebrities to speak out about his divisive views and current mental state.

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