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Ariana Grande

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? Latest Instagram Photos Spark Pregnancy Rumors Among Fans

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Clarissa Wilson

Ariana Grande is going through the same thing as the rest of us and self-isolating because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is self-isolating, practicing social distancing when going out to public places, and wearing masks when out in public. No one is immune to the changes the pandemic has brought upon us. We all have to do what we can to keep from spreading this virus to others.

Ariana Grande has been spending this time during the self-quarantine with a few of her friends and her new boyfriend, Dalton Gomez.

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Ariana Grande

Grande and Gomez have been privately and quietly dating since January 2020. After having her last three romantic relationships open and out in the public for everyone to know everything, she wants to keep this relationship as private as possible. Anyone can surely understand this. Especially living the kind of life celebrities like Grande live.

Unfortunately, because of some recent photos Grande posted on Instagram of her relaxing poolside at her home in Los Angeles with her dogs by her side, and the position she was lying down in, rumors have started online by some fans about her possibly being pregnant.

Ariana Grande

It's quite possible the way she is lying down. She is lying down with her knees bent. Because of this, fans see what they think is a baby bump in her belly. Of course, although it is possible for her to be pregnant since she is a human being with a boyfriend and a healthy relationship, it is also possible is is because of the way her knees are bent. It's also possible she may have just gained a tiny bit of weight to show a little bit of a belly.

Ariana Grande

Of course, fans are going to start rumors and go completely crazy thinking she is pregnant. Ariana Grande herself hasn't commented on the rumors yet, and she may not at all. She is entitled to as much privacy as anyone else is.

However, fans just had to have their say about the possible "baby bump" Grande may or may not have.

While one fan commented while trying to be nicer than others, hinting at her being pregnant without actually coming out and asking her, another fan flat out came out and asked her if she was pregnant. A little rude!

Ariana Grande

One fan said, "Your stomach on the 3rd slide?????"

Another one, a little more obnoxious, said, "OMG IS SHE PREGNANT?????" Just came out and asked which to some the comment may have seemed rude.

Other fans just pointed out how much Grande was glowing in the photos. "OMG!! You are glowing!!!"

She could be glowing from being a happy person too. After all, she is spending much needed private time with the new love in her life and some close friends of hers.

Ariana Grande and one of her dogs

Although the one photo may have slightly showed the possibility of a baby bump, the rest of the photos she posted show her toned and flat tummy.

Celebrities are often prone to rumors like this one. She probably will just ignore the rumor and let it die out without so much as a hint of a comment from her about it. She is most likely used to having rumors started about her on things like this and probably doesn't care too much anyway.

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