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Rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent

What Did 50 Cent Once Vow To Do If He Didn't Sell More Albums Than Kanye West?

Gettyimages | Michael Caulfield
By Clarissa Wilson

Rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent were once rivals in the rap music industry. They still like to bring drama with each other to the rap music world to this day. They even released an album at the same time back in 2007 which brought even more competition between the rival rappers. 50 Cent swore to Rolling Stone magazine that he would sell a lot more albums than West. He also vowed to do something drastic with his career if he didn't come out on top over Kanye West. Did he come out on top and sell more albums? What did he once vow to do if he didn't sell more albums than West? And, did he live up to his promise?

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Kanye West

On September 11, 2007, 50 Cent scheduled the release of his album, Curtis. Kanye West ended up releasing his album, Graduation on the exact same day. This brought more rivalry between the legendary rappers.

50 Cent was convinced that his album would outsell Kanye West's. He bragged to Rolling Stone back then, saying, "Mine will sell and his will still be on the shelf. He should be terrified. What do I do? Do I send flowers? Do I send my condolences?”

50 Cent

The rivalry between the two rappers has been friendly for a long time. West even jokes and says the friendly drama they make between each other gives the magazines a reason to exist. Although the rivalry between the two does seem friendly enough, 50 Cent upped the anti with the competition between the two rappers back when they both released an album at the same time in 2007.

50 Cent got really serious about the competition between them and the albums they both released on the same day. He vowed to Rolling Stone magazine that if he didn't sell more albums than West on the first day of release, he would not make another solo album.

Elon Musk and Kanye West

Did 50 Cent win the friendly competition and outsell Kanye on their very first day of release? Did the album by 50 Cent, Curtis sell more copies than the one titled, Graduation by Kanye West on the very first day of sales in 2007? Fans wanted to know, so they checked the Billboard website, which keeps track of album sales over the course of weeks instead of days. What did they find out? Was Curtis more popular than Graduation during its first week of sales? And, if not, did 50 Cent make good on his promise to never make another solo album if it didn't?

50 Cent and Eminem

According to the stats Billboard had kept track of back in 2007, Curtis did sell a lot of copies of the album within the first week of sales. In fact, 50 Cent sold a nice amount of copies, 691,000 copies to be exact, which is an impressive amount for the first week. However, West's album, Graduation sold an even better number of copies of the album within the first week of sales. West's album sold a whopping 957,000 copies! Wow! Not only this, but it seems that none of Wests' albums have sold as many copies as Graduation did within its first week of sales back in 2007.

Kanye West

So, Kanye West clearly won this friendly competition between him and 50 Cent. However, because 50 Cent had upped the anti with the vow that if he didn't outsell West that he would never make another solo album again, fans are wondering whether he kept his promise.

According to AllMusic, 50 Cent did break his promise on never making another solo album again if he lost to West. He made two more albums after Curtis called Before I Self Destruct and another one called Animal Ambition: An Untamed Dedsire to Win. However, these albums didn't do as well as Curits and Curtis didn't do as well as the album he made before that called, The Massacre which ended up doing the best ihn record sales by selling more than one-million copies within its first week of sales! Wow, talk about outselling! He and Kanye should have competed then, and 50 Cent would have won that one!

Although the two albums that came after Curtis didn't do well, he still made records and created a lot of drama in the rap music industry!

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