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An amazing throwback photo showing Kobe Bryant and LeBron James laughing and playing on the court.

A Special Bond That Lives Forever! Inside LeBron James & Late Kobe Bryant’s Brotherhood

Instagram | Kobebryant
By Favour

It is no news that Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have a peculiar bond, that most siblings do not even have. The duo have have been through several hurdles together, especially when they are playing on the court. However, it does not stop there.

Kobe and LeBron found a way to take their friendship outside the court, nurture and preserve it into something beautiful. Today, Kobe is no longer in the picture, but his memories lives on through LeBron and fans are thankful.

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A photo of LeBron James caught in motion and it shows him about to perform a slam dunk.
Instagram | Kingjames

The NBA can be a tricky place indeed, because in one moment, you are playing with the people you call your brothers and in the next, you’re playing against them.

Well, Kobe and LeBron were also faced with these tests, but they always stick together in the end. It did not matter whose team scored more points, these men were in it for life.

As their relationship became stronger, so did their careers. Sadly, Kobe decided to go into retirement in April 2016.

A photo of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Capri engaging in father-daughter moment.
Instagram | Kobebryant

Though retired, he still showed his unwavering support for his brother from another mother, LeBron. Sometimes, he would make an appearance at his games in the company of his daughter, Gianna Bryant, to cheer for him.

James was one of the many people who was greatly affected by the death of Kobe, which happened early this year. During his memorial service, LeBron gave a profound speech in honor of his friend, colleague and brother. It was one of the most emotional moments of the memorial.


As a person, Kobe was always keen about family ties. He created a family everywhere he went and that is why people loved and adored him. He had a family with his wife and kids, his basketball team, his daughter’s basketball team and so on. Everywhere he went, Kobe showed people that family is one of the greatest things anyone could have.

This is why LeBron plans to dedicate the next championship win to Kobe. Not only for being a great friend all those years, but for being an incredible mentor.

A photo showing LeBron James blowing off steam on a boat ride.
Instagram | Kingjames

Like Kobe, LeBron began his NBA journey after High School. He had a lot of people that he looked up to and he wanted to make them proud. Kobe was one of those people.

Although Kobe was already an All-Star when LeBron came into the league, they synced almost immediately. At that point, LeBron’s dream was to win many championships and that was exactly what he did. Presently, he holds three NBA titles.

LeBron is 35-year-old but is still a lion on the court.

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