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An awesome photo showing Queen Elizabeth II our on a horse ride in a large green field.

Kim Kardashian West Was Once Banned From A London Hotel Courtesy Of The Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II is quite famous for a lot of things, especially her witty and intelligent mindset. Who knows, this is one of the ingredients that come with being one of the most important person in the world.

As far as London is concerned, the Queen has the right to exhibit her rules and regulations how she sees fit. Some of these rules were passed down to her and others she came up with. These rules must also be adhered to always.

Kim Kardashian looks flawless in this awesome dress.
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Growing up, the Queen’s life was backed up by rules and regulations. There were things she could do and things she could not do. There were outfits she could wear and those that she was not allowed to wear.

In other words, all her life has been about following the rules and she has become accustomed to this fashion. This is why she had an unfortunate run-in with Kim Kardashian, that later led to a ban.

Find out what really happened.

Queen Elizabeth II looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo where she’s showing off her smile.
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When it comes to occasionally following the rules, Kim and the Queen are likely on two opposite sides of the coin. This is what led the Queen to ban the mother-of-four from a hotel in London.

According to reports, in 2012, during an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the members of the KarJenner clan paid a visit to England. The episode was named “The Royal Treatment,” to make it sound more interesting.

Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian were also present in the episode.

An amazing mirror selfie of Kim Kardashian looking gorgeous in a white crop top and grey pant.
Instagram | Kim Kardashian West

In one scene, fans a saw Disick make his way to Rob’s room, complaining about the hotel they were staying in. He expressly mentioned that he thought they would be at the Dorchester hotel, where the Queen was staying.

“I thought we were staying at the Dorchester. Why are we staying here?” He asked.

Rob immediately replied him by saying that the Queen was staying at the hotel and did not intend on having another guest in the premises and certainly not Kim.

Giphy | The Telegraph

Having Kim in town with the rest of her family was no doubt a big deal for “KUWTK” fans in London. However, her presence in town, meant that a lot of paparazzi activities would be going on at every point.

This is one of the reasons the Queen wanted to avoid a run-in with her, hence, her ban from the Dorchester hotel.

Nevertheless, episode 7 of season 7 ran smoothly and fans were impressed.

Do you think the Queen should have allowed the Kar/Jenners to remain at the Dorchester hotel? Tell us why in the comment section below.

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