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Kaia Gerber in the street

Kaia Gerber's Balance 'Unimaginable' On Yoga Wobble Ball In Spandex Sweat Session

Gettyimages | Achim Aaron Harding
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaia Gerber is living life on one leg – and it's getting noticed. The 18-year-old model and daughter to Cindy Crawford has appeared in a series of workout videos posted by Dogpound owner Kirk Myers – the celebrity-adored gym chain frequented by the likes of Justin Bieber and model Lori Harvey also counts Kaia as a client.

If you aren't up-to-date on Kaia and those workout headlines, the new Louis Vuitton face has been pounding her puppy – literally. Kaia's COVID foster puppy was recently used as a weight while she trained. Check out the videos below.

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The Last Workout Got Noticed

Kaia Gerber working out with her puppy

The above photo dates back to last week, when Kaia and her The Labelle Foundation-sourced puppy both got active, even if the puppy was seen having a little snooze towards the end. Thursday, meanwhile, brought Kaia back in her trademark spandex workout gear as she delivered an impressive, one-legged balance on a yoga wobble board with outstretched arms aiding her.

Then it got sweatier. Kaia, whose ultra-lithe frame hides a giant appetite – she can't go a day without pasta – was then seen in a series of stretches and resistance exercises. Scroll for the video.

Instagram Thinks Her Balance Is Off The Wall

Kaia Gerber poses in bed in a bikini
Kaia Gerber/Instagram

Kaia may not have been ballerina-balancing inside a satin-covered shoe, but the ex to Pete Davidson appeared to leave an impression on Instagram regardless. A caption from Kirk Myers had read:

"@kaiagerber crushing it @dogpound with workout focus on long and lean smooth movements #letsgooooo 🐶👊🏼💕."

Fans have been responding. "I did that first flow in yoga today. So hard. Cannot imagine on that ball," one wrote. "AWESOME balance!💥" another said.

Kaia, who has been making injury headlines amid the pandemic for appearing in a cast after discolating her wrist, has also been showing off the results of her workouts. Yes, in a bikini.

Gave Herself A DIY Tattoo In Quarantine: 'Just A Dot'

Kaia Gerber poses for a selfie
Kaia Gerber/Instagram

Kaia wound up front-page news back in April for revealing that she'd been busy with ink during lock-down. The model admitted that tattoo parlor visits were something she was missing, telling Glamour that she went DIY.

"I didn’t get too ambitious,” she admitted. “I gave myself a dot, just so I could be like, ‘Alright, I got a tattoo this month, I’m cool. I gave myself a stick and poke, which I do not recommend." Kaia has since debuted a new tattoo in street photos. More below.

Sparks Dating Rumors With Cara Delevingne

Kaia Gerber in a pool wearing a bikini
Kaia Gerber/Instagram

Kaia spent early parts of the pandemic in lock-down with some pretty famous faces – they included British supermodel Cara Delevingne, "13 Reasons Why" star Tommy Dorfman, plus actress Ashley Benson.

The latest sees Kaia spark dating rumors with "Suicide Squad" actress Cara after a PDA at a Black Lives Matter protest. The two were seen holding hands, with one shot showing Cara, 27, with her hands placed around Kaia's waist. The buzz is building up, but you'd be hard-pressed to see a full-blown relationship headline from the snaps.

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