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Tim admitted that he cheated on Melyza a month before she was going to move to Texas with him.

'90 Day Fiancé''s Melyza Admits That She Wasn't Looking For White Men Prior To Meeting Tim

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

On this season of '90 Day Fiancé''s 'The Other Way' series, Dallas native Tim Clarkson is looking for love with Melyza Zeta, a woman who lives all the way in Colombia. Things took a turn for the worst though when he revealed that he cheated on her a month before she decided to come to Texas to live with him. She put many things together on social media to catch him being disloyal. At that point, he began to lose Melyza's trust and had to find other ways to earn it back and save the relationship.


Tim initially met Melyza when she was 20-years-old and working as an au pair in America. They had met through a mutual friend and this was during a time where she wasn't even pursing a relationship.

Following Tim's cheating scandal, he wanted to prove that he wanted something real with Melyza. On The Other Way, he revealed that he would be moving to Colombia to start a life with her. His mother also drove in from Alabama to help him pack up all of his things as they reflected on how this was his new reality.

Melyza initially wasn't trying to pursue a relationship with a white man.
Melyza Zeta- Instagram

Fans are now waiting for the episode where Tim finally goes to Colombia as he says the goal is to earn her trust again after cheating and get to the point where he proposes. Melyza did admit on the show though that she wasn't originally pursuing Tim. This was due to the fact that she wasn't interested in white men at the time.

“I don’t have a type, but white boys was not something that I was looking for necessarily," said Melyza.

Tim says that Melyza initially fell for the goofy side of his personality.
Tim Clarkson- Instagram

Last month, Tim spoke with Entertainment Tonight on what mad Melyza interested in him. He said that him having a goofy side was a key factor.

“You know, I honestly think what made her give me a chance in the very beginning was just that I’m genuine, you know?” said Tim. “I’m goofy as hell. And I’ve really learned to embrace that and accept that about myself. … I think it was just the goofiness and the fact that she was able to see that I was trying and I was being goofy because I don’t have any game. I just have the genuine aspect of my personality.”


“Honestly, I feel like not enough,” Tim added Time “And I feel like that’s something the viewers are going to find out about as well is how much did I … how much have I actually been fighting for her, and how much have I been complacent?”

It will be interesting to see if Tim didn't fold when he got to Colombia and if he made it work with Melyza. Hopefully, he also resists temptation with the women over there as well.

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