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Jessica Simpson in the street

Jessica Simpson Stuns 100 Pounds Skinnier With Shirt Falling Off Her On Rocky Beach

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall
By Rebecca Cukier

Jessica Simpson's cow-print bikini may still be making waves, but the 40-year-old singer and actress' headline-making "YEE-HAW" shoot didn't just include the swimwear snaps landing on her feed as she kissed her 30s goodbye. Jessica's photographer Kristin Burns has been sharing largely unseen images of the "Dukes of Hazzard" star on that sun-drenched beach – as The Blast reported on July 14, Jessica was shot topless in nothing but tight jeans.

Scroll for the latest shot showing Jessica, plus the 100 pounds she dropped in just six months.

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The Photos Everyone Saw

Jessica Simpson poses in a bikini and cowboy hat on a beach
Jessica Simpson Style/Instagram

The lesser-seen snaps are below. The above, making global headlines as the "Open Book" author threw the final days of her 30s a giant party, also came as promo for her Jessica Simpson Style clothing line – the company is reported to have raked in $1 billion a year in sales back in 2015.

It's 2020, Jessica is now 100 pounds down, her memoir sales have spiked amid the pandemic, and she's looking like the bombshell she always was. That said, Simpson's birthday selfie did see fans dubbing her "way too skinny."

Stunning Beach Shot

Kristin Burns/Instagram

The photo wishing Jessica a happy birthday came shot by Kristin. landing on the star's clothing line's IG. It showed the mom of three sun-kissed, backed by beach rocks, and in jeans, plus a slinky white sweater worn with a one-shouldered finish as the top fell off the star. Jessica shot the camera a puckered pout and gaze. A caption calling Jessica an "inspiration to our team" wished her a happy birthday – followers also got themselves 25% off purchases.

Scroll for opinions on Jessica's weight loss.

Birthday Selfie Sparks 'Skin And Bones' Comments

Jessica Simpson takes a selfie in old jeans
Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Jessica marked turning 40 in a 14-year-old pair of True Religion jeans. The selfie showed the 100 pounds Jessica dropped after welcoming third baby Birdie Mae in March 2019 – while "Mad Men" actress January Jones told Jessica she looked "about 15," other comments were less flattering.

Instagram is now worrying that Jessica has taken her weight loss too far. "Way too skinny" was one comment, with Jessica also being told she was "skin and bones."

"Girl, you are vanishing," a third wrote as they added that Jessica was "absolutely stunning when you were bigger." More below.

'This Is The Look Of Anorexia'

Jessica Simpson
Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

Remarks did not troll Simpson, who herself made body-shaming headlines earlier this year as a Vogue ex-staffer covered "breasts that fell out of her dress" at the 2007 Met Gala. One fan expressed concern, writing:

"This is the look of anorexia. Not hating! I love u Jessica! But-I’ve had it. Been through it. I know this look. It feels powerful. And it kills the beating heart."

Jessica walked up to 10,000 steps a day to lose the weight. Scroll for the diet she followed.

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