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Rebel smashes it in a blue dress

Rebel Wilson Posts 'Scary' Pic On Instagram, Fans Call 'Knock Out'

Rebel Wilson / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Rebel Wilson is back on Instagram, showing everyone who is boss of the fitness world, along with the world of comedy.

Wilson has been on the road to fitness and health since January 2020, and even though Coronavirus has everyone in lockdown, she is managing to keep her health as a priority and fans have been appreciating the same ever since.

Not only has Wilson managed to lose quite a bit of weight, but her curves have been setting Instagram on fire. And it's no different now with fans calling her "a knockout".

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Rebel Rebels With TV Watching

Rebel Wilson posting a sultry snap on Instagram
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Just last week, Rebel posted a breather from all her fitness videos and posts with a rather sultry pose alongside the caption, "Horizontal TV watching today x what you guys up to?"

One fan, clearly tired from all the Coronavirus and mask-wearing stress but valiantly hanging on wrote, "Wearing. A. Mask."

Other fans lamented their boredom too, "Omg sooo bored! It’s 40 degrees here 🇨🇦 too hot for anything other than tv!"

Yet another Instagram user, making light of their obvious distress, wrote, "Recovering from Rona. Looking for a new set of lungs. Anyone got a pair to spare?"

If you need cheering, here's Rebel singing a spur-of-the-moment elevator song...

Fans Call Her 'A Knockout' 'On Fiyaaaa'

Rebel in a fighting mode
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Fans' response to yesterday's post from Rebel Wilson was "So scary!!!".

Wilson does look driven in the pic as another Instagram fan simped, "Every time I see a beautiful person boxing I just picture myself getting punched and saying thank you after a la mean girls style “One time... she punched me in the face... in it was awesome!” Lmao 😂 but you’re looking good! I love seeing your year of health posts ❤️ so inspiring!!! 😍"...

It's not just the pictures, Wilson keeps posting fitness videos like these, throwing down challenges to Chris and Liam Hemsworth...

Why, cause she a rebel! Watch...

More Power To Her

On a fitness journey, Rebel Wilson feels powerful
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Fans are appreciating the authenticity of her fitness pics and videos, one writing in, "This is great - seeing a public figure show the hard yards. No miracle drink, no mystical pills - just good, old-fashioned hard work 👏 and moving tires like that, you’ll have the boys on Farmer Wants a Wife swapping out their winners for you".

The commenter got more than 3,000 likes for her authentic comment as well, proving to the world that honesty always pays. In fitness, and in words!

Here's Wilson looking as hot as the Australian outback...

'Drop-Dead Gorgeous'? You Bet...

Rebel Wilson looks gorgeous in a blue dress
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Rebel's curves were always killer but now they are on another dimension altogether and fans can't stop themselves from commenting, "you are so beautiful! I love all of your movies and I wish you nothing but the best in life!"

Another fan wrote, "You look absolutely fabulous! Even though I always thought you were just so drop-dead gorgeous!!"

Rebel Wilson is inspiring a lot of people to get fit and healthy, and comments like these are common on her page. When fans say things like, "My fitspiration!!! 😍 Someone go cast her as a superhero ASAP", Wilson must be getting a burst of extra power!

Here's Rebel channeling her inner 'Cats' as she talks fitness.

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