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Jessica Chastain in a soft Instagram selfie

Jessica Chastain Dubbed 'Chestshown' With Explosive Instagram Post 'Missing Something'

Jessica Chastain / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Jessica Chastain delivered a bit of a shocker to her 3.2 million fans on Instagram on Thursday with a topless pic of hers that had her followers falling over themselves in a bid to post the funniest comment.

Surprisingly, the post wasn't just to make coronavirus-bored people happier, but to stress the importance of wearing masks in the coolest, most roundabout way possible.

While the post does reveal a lot of Chastain's beauty, it also shows her wacky sense of humor that left fans delighted.

Is Jessica Chastain 'Missing Something' Here?

Jessica Chastain feels she forgot something in this pic
Jessica Chastain / Instagram

43-year-old Jessica Chastain is best known for her roles in movies like 'The Help', 'Miss Sloane' and 'Tree of Life' and is a happily married woman to an actual Italian count.

So it seems fitting that she posted a topless photo of hers on Thursday with her arm pressed against her breasts, hiding the essentials, wearing an almost Grecian skirt below.

Comedian and actress Mindy Kaling had the perfect, if pat comment, "Omg you’re a statue all along as I suspected" and got an equally cute reply, "don’t be fooled, she’s really CAKE"!

Here's some cream!

Not The Top Silly! She Forgot A Mask...

Jessica Chastain forgot something, and its a mask
Jessica Chastain / Instagram

The purpose of the pose may have been to titillate and get attention, but Jessica Chastain had a valid cause.

She captioned the post as, "I knew I was missing something..." and followed it up with an arrow that pointed right.

Swipe the post and you get the very statuesque and statue-like Chastain, still topless, but now wearing a mask.

The post already has 289,000 likes in 18 hours, and fans were compelled to write things like, "you always make my day 817272 times better with your posts 🥺💗".

Quite a number there, and here...

Jessica Holds On To Hope As Fans Appreciate Post

Jessica Chastain is holding on to Hope
Jessica Chastain / Instagram

Quite the turnabout, and fans were only too happy to see Chastain's curves on display.

One wrote, "Jessica what are you doing? I have young kids in the house" to which another replied, "that's your problem bro.

Another Instagram user dubbed Chastain as "Venus Of Milo" and another got the mask-wearing down to a pat, saying, "didn't expect that, not complaining #wearamask"...

Still, others were all about the skin show, saying, "I knew you were beautiful... but had no idea how GORGEOUS you are #lovelyangle GIRL got ABS 🔥🔥🔥 sooooo HOT".

Like her fans, Coronavirus has left Chastain pretty house bored...

Presenting Jessica 'Chestshown' Chastain...

Jessica Chastain looks gorgeous, sun-dappled
Jessica Chastain / Instagram

The comment that took the cake was when one fan changed Jessica's name even, and dubbed her "Jessica Chestshown".

Apt, for sure. And fans took the opportunity to thank Chastain for the beauty displayed, "I cannot 😂 thank you for spreading joy and light during these strange times 🥺".

Others could not get over the pretty and ethereal picture that Chastain made with comments like, "THIS is exactly what I mean when I say YOU are a work of art!".

Here's more of Chastain's vivid beauty... And oh, do wear a 'damn' mask. Pretty please?

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