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Demi Lovato wearing small sunglasses and a red lip

Demi Lovato Shares Some Seriously Smoking Shots On Instagram -- 'Am I Losing My Mind?'

Demi Lovato | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Midweek, Demi Lovato asked Instagram, "am I losing my mind?"

The singer's question came after an online shopping session - and lucky for her 87.9 million followers, she dropped some sexy stuff along the way.

Alongside screenshots from her Amazon experience, Lovato wrote: "Y'all... I came across this image on Amazon and thought it looked hella familiar..."

Demi's share showed two pop-art posters from a sponsored ad. She circled the second one in red, which depicted an elegant/red-lipped girl batting her long lashes.

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Demi Lovato in the ocean
Demi Lovato | Instagram


That's when the revelation hit her. Lovato's next slide was a sultry (real-life) shot of someone doing the exact same thing - all dolled up and smoking a cigarette...whilst wearing an identical haircut and lip shade.

Demi continued her all-caps investigation: "SO I GOOGLED..." - with "demi lovato smoking" shown in the search bar. She'd zoomed in on an already-close up version of the same photo before connecting another dot.

Following "demi lovato smoking," the Disney grad captioned her next Google search as "people selling sh-t with this image on it."

Disney Days Were Done -- Demi's 'All Grown Up'

Demi Lovato performs at KISS 108's Jingle Ball 2015
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Her actual query was "pop art girl smoking" - not that it matters because Demi's definitely in the least the ones on Google. She used one to finish her tale:

"Y'all.. I'm not losing my mind right? 😂😂😂"

There's only one difference between Lovato's real-life pic and the depiction on Amazon, and that's the cigarette's positioning. It's seen dangling between Demi's lips in the actual photo, but "pop art girl smoking" has it between her fingers.

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When the shots were first released, photographer Tyler Shields said he wanted to "show a new side of Demi. She's all grown up now."

Smoking Hot Shoot Showed 'Bad Girl' Side Of 'Camp Rock Star'


The DailyMail interview described Demi Lovato as turning into a "bad girl to smash glass for risqué Tyler Shields photo shoot," which was done in 2012.

Newly 19-year-old Demi made smashing glass seem very seductive. Ahead of the shot, Shields told her to "Smash the hell out of it. Also you get one take, so don't mess it up.”’

Added by the outlet: "Camp Rock star Demi also used the photo shoot to show off her sexy side, with one shot seeing her sucking suggestively on a lollipop."

🔻Get a glimpse at the pics...linked below🔻

Twitter Loves (Almost) Everything About Demi's Discovery

Demi Lovato in a yellow blazer
Demi Lovato | Instagram

It appears GRAMMY-nominated Lovato wasn't alone with her Wednesday thinking.

"To be honest," someone tweeted, "I’ve already seen this picture in the past but I’ve always thought it was an inspiration of the photographer for Demi’s photoshoot... the fact that THIS IS THE ACTUAL PIC."

A Twitter troll dragged Demi for smoking...or tried to (they were shut down: "these even were fake cigarettes and your point is?").

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitter seemed amused that she even had to search "demi lovato smoking" in the first place.

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See the Tyler Shields photoshoot here

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